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To quickly break free from day-to-day chaos, seize control of your business systems with the Work the System Method! 


WTS Enterprises is based on Sam Carpenter’s acclaimed business book Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less. (Note that the Fourth Edition was released in 2021). In the beginning, through the simple but powerful methodology carefully detailed in his book, a steady stream of business owners asked for individual hands-on help with their business challenges. At the same time, Josh Fonger was traveling the country as a business consultant and searching for a better way to help his clients. His customers were having great success while he was with them, but then as time went on many would go back to their old bad habits…back to the chaos, fire-killing and meager bottom-lines.

So, twelve years ago Sam and Josh joined together to help individual business owners instantly seize control of their operational systems. Today, Josh operates WTS Enterprises, offering three primary services precisely designed to guide small business owners in their quests for great bottom lines and much-deserved personal peace. Note that, by choice, Sam is not financially affiliated with Josh’s business.

What Work the System does is very simple: we assist the business owner in:

  • Shifting their mindset
  • Clarifiying their strategy
  • Aligning their people 
  • Teaching leadership how to document and then manager their system

The natural outcome is that business owners get their lives back while the sales and profits grow. We’ll teach you to built a  “business machine” that will accomplish this quickly and permanently!


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We help ambitious business owners break free from day-to-day chaos by teaching them how to seize control of their business systems.

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