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I’ve been in the digital marketing space for over a decade now, primarily in SEO consulting. I started my company—my content production company— around six years ago with a friend, and one thing I noticed was how hard it is to provide standardized services to different clients across vertical markets, or even different clients in the same vertical market. On top of that, some clients would just stop paying and there wouldn’t be enough cash reserves, which meant we would have to lay off people. My wife wasn’t working at the time, and we had a young child to support; I was out of touch with most of my friends and family. It was a rough time. Ultimately, my friend and I were compelled to split the company and I started writing SEO-driven content on my own for marketing software companies.

I first came across an interview with Sam on a website over eight years ago, and I read the book a couple of times. It was in 2016 that I started the WTS program, and after I got on a call with Josh, I started thinking about how to scale the knowledge I had. I knew a lot about marketing software, and I wrote conversationally—now, I had to think about how to get contractors to write in the same style. My approach to creating new processes was, “How do I take something subjective—like writing style—and turn it into something more objective?” I broke down my writing process into different steps, like keyword research, introduction formats, and conclusion formats, and that translated into a lot of granular outlines and tutorial videos.

Today, we’re a creative agency that produces a very specific kind of content, and we’re up there with the best in our industry. We took the WTS Method and training and went from a startup to a seven-figure business. We have detailed processes and templates for every component of the pieces we write, from introduction to conclusion, which makes things much easier for our contractors and our editors. I’m no longer involved in everything, which is great. It’s like building an asset—we’re making small improvements every year, and over time that’s what is making our business truly valuable.



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