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Our business sells technology equipment to schools, government complexes, and commercial complexes. Initially, my brother and I handled everything, including all the equipment instalments. But the business began growing and we had to hire temporary workers—workers who were not always reliable. I was also juggling on-site work and client interactions. I ended up experiencing a lot of stress and was even in and out of the hospital for a period. To top it off, my wife and I had just had our son. Things couldn’t go on that way—I needed physical and mental help to handle all of it!

I first came across the WTS book online and enjoyed reading it. I didn’t fully understand it, even when I signed up for the WTS training program. Then I started doing the one-on-one sessions with Josh and that was when things fell into place. I had created a few systems at first but wasn’t really “working” them. And then I figured out that I needed to focus on one thing at a time, things that would bring in business, which is what I did.

Today, I run a team of six employees. Things are good at home too—my son is now six. I still wouldn’t say that I’m mega-successful, but we’re for sure getting there. We’re confident about what we do and the processes we have, and we’re constantly looking ahead. WTS helped me be where I am today—more successful . . . and happier.


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