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I’ve been running a custom bakery for fourteen years. Since I was little, I’ve always loved baking. Then, when my daughter turned one, I tried finding a fancier cake for her but couldn’t. And there was no one around doing that, so I decided to learn and do it myself. One thing led to another and today, we operate a business out of downtown Brampton, Ontario, and I have a small team that works with me.

When you’re building a team and you have more people coming on, you start thinking that you have to do everything and be there all the time. I felt like I had to watch over my employees to make sure things were happening the way I wanted them to happen. It started to get very stressful with two teenaged kids, as I was always at work.

I thought about selling the business, but my broker said it was maybe only worth a couple of thousand dollars. I asked myself, “Should I give up or should I keep going?”

That was when I first heard about Work the System. It was in January 2019 from a member of my accountability group. We’re a group of ten or twelve women who meet for a couple of hours every week and help each other out with our goals. My friend shared how she had gone through the WTS Method already and how far her business had grown as a result. I was intrigued. I listened to the book twice while I was driving. A month later, I decided I needed to go in-depth.

The concept of having a “replacement” was a big turning point during my WTS training. I set that as one of my end-of-year goals, but accomplished it seven months early!

Today, we’re in a really good place! Thanks to all the organization and systematization, we are making money and all collecting healthy paychecks. I used to work seven days a week. Now, I work maybe three days and I can take vacation with my family whenever I want. My kids see me a lot more, and they see the difference in me too. It’s been one year since WTS—things have been nothing short of amazing!


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