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I am a second-generation business owner in a small town selling software to business owners across the US. Before my “WTS Transformation,” I was working literally every day. When a long-time customer wanted to complain, they talked to me. When we needed to hire a new salesperson, it was up to me. Every new initiative and project in the company—you guessed it—landed on me. Even though I had sixteen employees and dozens of remote contractors involved in the business, I could not delegate anything involving HR, growth, or innovation to them. I was stuck in the business each day, fighting fires while our costs were going up and our sales were flatlined. I wanted to sell the business to finally catch my breath, but knew that my business without me would not be worth much.

Even though I have had bad experiences with consultants in the past, I reached a crisis point where I really needed some help. I contacted WTS and had them physically work with me and the team to engineer a new future. Finally getting clarity for myself and the team opened up a whole new world of opportunities—opportunities I was missing due to dealing with the day-to-day. We developed a laser-focused Strategic Objective, user-friendly principles for decision-making, and developed actionable working procedures so we could consistently scale. My team now has direction and doesn’t need to run everything past me. They are finally fully equipped to get their work done. They actually enjoyed making the business more efficient, which I didn’t expect, and knew that this change was a long time coming.

Now, after only a few months of working with WTS, I finally have my life back! My wife already has two tropical cruises booked on the calendar and my kids see me with a smile again. When I have an HR issue, I know someone will take care of it . . . correctly! Same with customer issues. I even have a rock-star assistant now driving my special projects forward to keep us #1 in our space. When I first thought about making the changes the WTS consultant recommended, it gave me a stomachache. I didn’t think they understood that a twenty-year business doesn’t do well with change. But now, after looking at my financials, I see that my 5 percent growth projections were too small as we are growing at 20 percent. Simply put, when you get out of the way of your business and let the systems do the work, life gets better.


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