Growing Three Companies with WTS Systems Management Strategies

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I started my first real estate company seven years ago. I’ve opened two more since then. Life as an entrepreneur was extremely hectic, to the point where I’d wake up at 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. because I had a new idea to write down. There were times I would look around and see my colleagues and mentors look so calm and collected, and I would feel inferior. In addition, our business was plateauing. We were all working hard, but no matter what we tried or how many new staff members we brought on board, the money wasn’t coming in. One of the hardest points for me was having to look at my team and think, “I can’t manage you guys!” I used to think that my own passion and enthusiasm for the business would be enough to inspire the others, but I soon realized that it wasn’t enough.

I first came across WTS when someone recommended the book to me. I don’t read much, but I couldn’t put this book down. Then I reached out to Sam and Josh, and they were immensely supportive about the systemization process and then hiring new people to take care of things. We started documenting everything, all the processes and objectives and key result areas, so that my team could just follow the process rather than relying on organic motivation alone. I started hiring more talented people than myself so that they could run the whole show instead of me.

Today, the business has grown three and a half times in size. I focus on running my third company, which deals with property acquisition, and I’ve hired people to run the other two. I’m also coaching mentees now in the same process of building systems so that they can grow their own property businesses like I did. Life for me is now pure freedom—I can now look for opportunities to make a real difference in my community, not just to make more money. As an entrepreneur, I’d say it’s very important to play to your strengths and hire great people to take care of the rest.

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