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Our digital PR business is all about introducing inspiring thought leaders to millions of people with the help of podcast interviews. My experience working at nuclear power plants taught me that everything can be systemized. Back in 2014, I hypothesized that we could use podcast interviews just like guest blogs to gain trust. We beta tested it in 2015, and then my company was born. Today, we’re a team of eighteen working with over one hundred clients. We’ve worked with authors, consultants, speakers, coaches, and brands to get them placed on targeted podcast interviews right in front of the end customer.

The first thing we realized that had to change was the effort we were putting in. We have an amazing team, but they were all putting in superhuman efforts and putting themselves on the line every day. Another problem was that it would often take six months for someone new to understand the system and start delivering value, which was too long. It got to a point where I felt like everything was on my shoulders. I would look around at my team and ask myself, “Why can’t I find people who do it as well as me?”

And that had an impact on my personal life as well. I used to joke that I worked for an SOB—one who made me wake up at 4:00 a.m. and work weekends and cancel my vacations. Then, I looked in the mirror and realized that SOB was me! I had become a slave to the business, rather than the business serving me. That’s when I realized this wasn’t the life I wanted.

I first heard about Work the System on social media. I downloaded and printed the book and put it in a three-ring binder. And what struck me was that these guys were doing for business what Hyman Rickover did for nuclear power—creating a system and making it reproducible.

Today, I’m a lot more attuned to the importance of systems. We follow a more scalable approach, where we all look at problems as challenges to solve as a team. Earlier, it was about success in our service. Now, after WTS, it’s about success in our systems. And we have amazing, dedicated people working our systems. Plus, new people who come on can learn all about our business in two weeks rather than six months, thanks to those systems.


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