Expose to Close

Do you have a hard time talking to new prospects?  How would you rate yourself when it comes to face-to-face sales?  Even if you scored a perfect “10,” you’ll still learn a plethora of techniques and actionable tactics during this interview with the sales expert, Charlie Cina.

Josh Fonger: [00:00:00] Hi is Josh Fonger and welcome to the working system podcast where we help business owners move from owning job to owning a business, mastering systems so they can simplify growth. And today I have a special guest Charlie Cina. For the last 30 years Charlie has worked in high level sales environments and sales teams and drive revenue. He has also started and owned his own seven figure businesses with nothing more than knocking on doors and using his smartphone. He has operated in such industries as promotions software and construction. Charlie has mastered sales in billion dollar Las Vegas products like Wynn Resorts, Plaza Hotel, Turnberry Towers, MGM and others. Five years ago, opportunity knocked and he entered the world of virtual interactive training. Charlie has recruited and worked with a top motivational speakers sales trainers and subject matter expert in the world. He has personally consulted to go to them to create virtual interactive online training platforms to deliver their content and monetize worldwide. His marketing and sales experience has helped him acquire clients like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, John Tapper,Eric Thomas and numerous others. He will teach you that no matter what products or services we represent we have one thing in common. We are all and distribution. We are all in the distribution business and our primary responsibility is to expose yourself for the brand exposure products exposure services closed more deals and drive massive revenue. I'm really excited to dive in deep with the trial I'm sure and learn a lot and hope you all do too. So Charlie as we get started. Thanks again for being here. Tell us your your story. How'd you get into this line of work and what were your beginnings.

Charlie Cina: [00:01:32] Well I think it was just a progression at an early age. You know I watched my dad be an entrepreneur where my dad had an innate skill to stick out his hand make a friend you know tell people exactly how he can help them. And I watched him at an early age you know start with nothing and have success as an entrepreneur. And then I started at a young age. My entrepreneurial journey you know shoveling driveways I grew up in Buffalo New York. Snow country. So you know shoveling driveways I had paper routes you know mow lawns and raked leaves. But I found out at an early age as a paper boy you know knocking doors didn't know it at the time but you know the objective was to knock doors and to sell more papers increase the distribution of the paper. So I found out an early age the more you introduce the more you produce the more doors I knocked right. It was. Don't quote me but I made you know a dollar a week right. Every time I delivered a paper for seven days in a row or whatever it was and then when I went to collect whatever the fee was for that particular subscription people would give me gratuity. And then at Christmas time I get an envelope of a thank you. So to answer your question I started a very early age and realized that the more people you introduce the more revenue you produce. And if you gave people in that particular case the paper was untied and it wasn't filled with snow and it wasn't wet and it got their dry and you did your job. People would appreciate you and they reciprocate in kind by giving you a tip or gratuity. So that's how I started my journey.

Josh Fonger: [00:03:18] So tell me about the sales transformation, because you've been a sales industry a long time and you know we were talking beforehand about how its sales has changed little bit. How has your new role in terms of growing people's exposure online how has that changed the sales process from door to door now so much being digital?

Charlie Cina: [00:03:37] Well here's the thing. I don't believe that has changed and what I mean by that is we're all still human beings. So everyone says social media. Well social media means that you're supposed to be social. The difference is I think a lot of us have become keyboard warriors right. You're out there you're on social media and as socialist as you are in social media. I know a lot of social media people that are actually introverts and when you meet them in person they really don't know how to interact. Right. And I think what I teaching people I'd like to say that I'm so out, I'm in. You know consider my teachings to be old school I think they're timeless. So my whole thing is how do you go out and shake people's hands on a daily basis and say a multi or ask a multi million dollar question. Would you like to know what the multi-million dollar question is that you should be asking people on a daily basis.

Josh Fonger: [00:04:44] Lets hear it.

Charlie Cina: [00:04:45] Hi my name is Charlie. What's your name.

Josh Fonger: [00:04:50] That's it. Josh

Charlie Cina: [00:04:51] That's so that's being in my opinion that social media right. As far as really really connecting and then. I met you on a plane or a train or you know a bar or coffee shop or at my son's baseball game. I'm going to come up to you with a 3 5. If we make eye contact or I think that you know I need to meet you in some way shape or form Hi my name's Charlie what's your name. Josh. and I ask you Josh what do you do? What do you tell me?

Josh Fonger: [00:05:20] Business Coaching.

Charlie Cina: [00:05:21] Do business coaching. If you ask me what I do back I would say I empower speakers trainers and business coaches to monetize their content online worldwide in three easy steps.

Josh Fonger: [00:05:35] OK.

Charlie Cina: [00:05:35] So what would you say back to me?

Josh Fonger: [00:05:37] Tell me more. Because it's fit perfect for me.

Charlie Cina: [00:05:40] Right. Tell me more. Josh I can teach you how to present position and profit. I can teach you how to present yourself in a way that's unforgettable at the first point of contact. Position yourself online and off line. We become the only logical choice and then profit by repackaging and re-purposing the existing products and services that you already have to create multiple streams of revenue and ultimately build revenue Relationships For Life.

Josh Fonger: [00:06:07] Sounds pretty good.

Charlie Cina: [00:06:08] Right. When would you like to set up a 10 minute call, Josh?

Josh Fonger: [00:06:10] Let's do it now.

Charlie Cina: [00:06:12] You understand so. Yeah. That's the thing. You've heard the term. You had me at.

Josh Fonger: [00:06:18] Hello.

Charlie Cina: [00:06:18] Hello. That's what I teach. It's very simple concept but for some reason people don't know how to do it or they feel that it's a complex exercise or they're gonna get shut down and it's really not the case. So that's what I teach I go in and speak at conferences and insurance conference for example. I go on a day before and I just walk the crowd. People don't know who I am. People don't know that I'm speaking and I'm in an elevator and I'll say hi how you doing good are you here for a conference? What do you do? I sell insurance or I'm a PNC guy. Well what does that mean? Well that means property and casualty insurance auto right and homeowner's insurance. But people don't know what that means. So wouldn't it be wouldn't it be a clearer and more concise message if instead of saying I sell insurance you said I empower people to protect their families their most precious assets and the things that they love most guaranteed in three easy steps right. Oh really how do you do that? Well I help people analyze assess and achieve. Well can you elaborate why I help people analyze where they're at right now in their life. Are you married? Do you have kids? What's your income? If something tragic happened to you, are you prepared to make sure your family's taken care of? See I'm saying it just becomes a different conversation and then I wouldn't get into how I can help you save money in the process. And I've got your interest piqued rather than saying I sell insurance. I already have insurance. I'm with Allstate around with State Farm and I dismiss you and say Have a nice day. So I believe that everything happens in the first 10 to 20 seconds of you shaking somebodies hand. And I also believe that the people that are within a 3, 5, 10 foot radius of you on a daily basis have two things that you need revenue number one and two, they have contacts or referrals that they can give you and in turn if you're coming at them from a place of certainty and with the right intention. In other words if you are certain that the product or service or company that you're representing is really helping humanity in some way shape or form and you're coming again from the right intention of really wanting to help that people with the products or services that you provide. Why would you not want to go out and tell the world? So that's what I teach and that simple practice. For some reason for a lot of people doing it is complex. But. Just with that that simple question and really perfecting and mastering the art of presentation and the art of the introduction and the power pitch has allowed me to acquire clients like you know Tony Robbins, Les Brown, the Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and work and collaborate with even companies like Pepsi, Barry Jackson, Auto Auction, Mandarin Oriental hotels and numerous others and all in different industries you know like I've represented a lot of different products and services. So anyway that's that's really what I want to impress upon people is how do you make sales easy and that step one.

Josh Fonger: [00:09:48] So let's say that there's a lot of mediums to do this let's just do a specific example let's say you're a fitness expert like actually a fitness gym you own a gym got some clients who own gyms and you want to increase sales are you techniques better used on the street face to face shaking hands with people at the grocery store? Or is it better to be online or where or where would you use this technique?

Charlie Cina: [00:10:12] Well see my objective is once once you have your marketing message down. Once you can answer the question. Right. One hundred dollar question. One hundred thousand dollar question the million dollar question. One hundred million dollar question or potentially a billion dollar question. What do you do? Then whether you're one on one one on five hundred one in five thousand. There's clarity. Whether you're online or off line. There's clarity whether you're on a podcast right. My answer is the same. What do you do? Right. I mean chiropractors. I spoke at a chiropractic convention. I said to the chiropractor What do you do? Now I knew they were chiropractors I'm walking around to get them up I'm kind of low key and I'll just walk around and I'll say hey you know Hi my name is Charlie what do you do? And I say I'm a chiropractor or I'm a DC. You know what D.C. stands for Josh?

Josh Fonger: [00:11:14] I don't, no.

Charlie Cina: [00:11:16] Doctor of chiropractic. I didn't say it's a treat. I'm just saying I didn't know that like but I'm a chiropractor. I'm a D.C. I've dismissed you. But what if you said instead of saying I'm a chiropractor I'm D.C. What do you do. I empower people to alleviate pain increase mobility increase longevity and mental clarity through a drug free natural process. Do I have your attention? Whether you're 20 30 40 50 60 or 90 would you like to have longevity? Would you like to have more mobility? Would you like to have more mental clarity? Right. And then I teach people how to really drill down in three words or less to explain with clarity and precision. What they do because here is the key words trigger pictures which trigger emotions which trigger action steps right words trigger pictures which trigger emotions which trigger action steps. So if you're saying the right words that are going to be really trigger the right pictures in somebodies brain right now. An emotional analysis or conception starts to happen right now they're like in trade. Now they want which you have or they want to learn more. Now you're setting the appointment. Building the relationship and you have them involved in the sales process and you're not heart closing anybody. You see them saying you're just presenting and persuading your particular product or through the process of engaging them. You're closing them to where they want what you have versus you having to force something on them that they may not want or need. So that's my whole concept of exposing clothes. How do you sell market promote? How do you get attention? Well you heard the term you had me at.

Josh Fonger: [00:13:11] Hello

Charlie Cina: [00:13:12] That's the key thing. Well I'm on stage now. You said something at the beginning of your podcast and I made a note and if I don't say it right please correct me but I think this is imperative for your audience. You said if you want to go from a job to a business. OK a lot of us know that job stands for just over broke. However, I don't necessarily agree. That a job is just a job. Because at the end of the day if you're walking in to work for McDonald's right and you've heard the term all you're flipping burgers I don't care if you're flipping burgers or making fries or pouring drinks. Who is your client? If they're paying you ten dollars an hour or fifteen dollars an hour or fifteen thousand a day. You understand and you're walking in for that job. McDonald's is your clients? Which people don't equate. Right. But that's the whole starting of your mindset which is another thing. Right. It's mindset. What's your mission and what are the moves that you need to make on a daily basis to succeed? So I just spoke for a company. They brought me in to consult for the day and this company's clients are online retailers and these online retailers have a lot of leads or people that have abandoned the shopping carts they were that close to click and buy. Right after they put their credit card in but they didn't click. So this company takes those leads as a call center and these people. Eleven twelve thirteen dollar an hour people call them back or handle the customer service calls. When I went in and tried to expose them to is the mindset of that's your profession that's your job. Now if you're not happy with that how do you leverage that job. How do you learn and engage in the right process. Right. Learn the interaction skills that you need that job is not only providing you an income but you have the ability to learn and ask questions and interact with people along the way. So you're at McDonald's. Somebody comes to the counter. Hi my name's Charlie. Welcome to McDonald's. What can I get for you today? I want a large coffee. Super. Do you mind if I ask your name.? I'm waiting.

Josh Fonger: [00:15:49] Sure. Go for it. Yes my name is Josh.

Charlie Cina: [00:15:52] You've been saying Josh nice to meet you all of your coffee up in two minutes. Now guess what. Josh has a podcaster. Josh walks in the next day. And now I call Josh by name. I'm only making 10-15 dollars an hour whatever the number is. Right. But Josh has a podcaster. Josh is doing a story on young high school kids that work part time to put themselves right through the summer to ultimately start paying for their college. And I'm just using that as as an example right. But again everybody has what you need in some way shape or form. So that's what I'm saying. I try to impress upon people job do a business. If you have a job that is your business. I used to tell my kids when they were old enough to comprehend. They went to school. I don't know if I want to go to school. Yes you have to go to school today. Why. Because that's your business. You're getting an education right now you might not earn money but you're in the business of getting knowledge so you can take that knowledge and eventually bring it to the marketplace and make a difference in people's lives that in turn they will pay you for your services. So anyway I get pretty passionate about it but to me that's where we miss it as a society. People are embarrassed to go out and get a job. You shouldn't be embarrassed about and get a job. You need to start somewhere. You need to generate revenue. Now if you're not generating enough revenue then you need to get a second job. Or in my particular case you need to learn how to expose and close. What does that mean? How do you market self promote? How do you learn how to present position and profit? How do you learn the skill set to be able to sell, where you can walk into a business and help them generate revenue? You're in the pen business right. If I how you how you sell more pens. From a sales capacity or marketing capacity I get a piece. So now I become a pseudo partner of your business. Right. I might not get a piece of profits or bottom line but whatever I bring to the table I move money. I get a piece and that's powerful. And those are messages that aren't being delivered to our youth and those are messages that people that do open up businesses don't understand. Right.

Josh Fonger: [00:18:24] Yeah I've got a lot of clients who were really good at their craft so whether they are a chiropractor like you mentioned or they have a podcaster or whatever you know they have an e-commerce store. They are good at their craft but they don't know about the exposures or how to position themselves during exposure. So what are some steps or mind games as you go through to understand where they should be exposing themselves and how do they craft that message?

Charlie Cina: [00:18:49] Well again step step number one is what do you do. Which is picking that up. The first thing that I would teach now. Once you know what you do. Right. How do you engage somebody through your process? So you said somebody owns a gym. Well you can say you own a gym. That's. I go to a gym. Wow. Oh good. Oh awesome man. Nice to meet you. I'm gone. But if you said I empower people to potentially turn back the clock. Ten years through a non invasive exercise program. Where I also coach you step by step on an easy way to properly eat move and think guaranteed. That's a different conversation. Or you can help me move and think absolutely well. How do you do that Josh? Well. Here's a coupon for a free 15 minute consultation. Here's a coupon for a free week of workout that starts with a 30 minute consultation so you'll know exactly when you leave that 30 minute consultation. How you eat move and think and you can potentially turn back the clock by 10 years. How's that sound Josh?

Josh Fonger: [00:20:07] Sounds awesome.

Charlie Cina: [00:20:08] Now you're not thinking about the. The workout contract that you have with x y z company. Right. I'm going to take you to the next level.

Josh Fonger: [00:20:16] So it's only a big part of this is explaining the results that your process will give somebody in terms that are intriguing that they haven't thought of before and then that opens their mind up to something that they think while this is not available anywhere else except for with this person in front of right now.

Charlie Cina: [00:20:33] Right. You've got now you've got their attention. Right. So again what do I practice what I preach. It should be your intention to get people's attention. Once you have their attention. Now I need to engage you to get you to pay attention right now once I get you to pay attention and you know with absolute certainty that I can help you solve your problem. You'll pay me for my attention. So intentions to get attention once you get their attention. Get them to really pay attention by educating them. Once you get them to pay attention the pay for your attention now. Does that always happen? Right in the first point of contact. Does it you know. Is everything a one call close. No absolutely not. Do you close people sometimes and do touch points? No sometimes depending on the product or service that I offer I might have to go back three, four, seven, eight, nine times. Well that goes back to my expose and close. So if I've already met you now and we have a relationship and I've taken you through a consultation and you're not sure. Now how do I go back in and further educate you right or find a reason to reach out to you again And touch in some way shape or form. So what I do in my book, Expose and Close, is I go back in and talk about actual techniques or strategies or moves that I've made. To acquire and close deals like a 2.5 million dollar deal at the Wynn resort. If I told you how I close the 2.5 million dollar deal at the Wynn resort. And it costs me sixty seven cents to do it. You'd say no way. And you know what I would say back to you way. See. Like that stuff. It's simple but it's it's it's consistency and a lot of people look for perfection. I just got off of a cruise ship with my family on vacation. I'm walking the deck with my daughter her and I don't have my cell phone. It's her and I, I we're having daddy daughter time. Awesome. She wants to play shuffleboard. You show up shuffleboard taken this guy sitting there with his wife and his 8-9 year old kids are playing. He said oh they're almost done I said No problem. Are you enjoying yourself? He said Yeah. We really are. What do you think I said to him Josh?

Josh Fonger: [00:23:02] What do you do? Or your name is.

Charlie Cina: [00:23:05] My name is Charlie. What's your name? He said My name is Matt. Matt. Nice to meet you. What do you do? Well I'm on the real estate business but I just recently started speaking he was actually I was out I was out in Vegas. Now I live in Vegas. I said No really I live in Vegas. What I'll tell you speak at. Well what do you speak to? I was just waiting for him to say the magic words to me. What do you do? Well I empower speakers trainers authors and subject matter experts. I'm on a cruise ship man. I'm on a deck like there's only a handful of people out there. It's all ocean right. Then the guy says to me I tell him what I do I teach how to present position profit. He goes he goes man. He goes I had how. How do I get a hold of you? He goes do you have a card. No I mean my flip flops. I'm with my daughter. I'm on a cruise ship. You don't even carry money. What. I go in my pocket. My daughter's over there looking at me. And she went like this like I already know my dad somewhere my dad's going now. I've already been on several calls with the guy. We haven't transacted anything as far as money. That's not important. I've got a relationship. The guy's already set up three phone calls for me with potential clients all because. On a cruise ship in my shorts and my flip flops walking with my daughter with no intention to do business by the way you understand it was not my intention. I did not turn my cell phone on. There you can get internet now and the cruise ships you can talk around the world lifted off man uninterrupted time but opportunity arose and it was appropriate and it was a five minute conversation. And now I've got a friendship with this guy who I may end up doing some business with who's referred me to three other people in completely different industry so again you can kind of see me getting excited about it but people will go well how do you do it. That's it. The difference is doing it's complex and working on people's marketing message messages. And then once you do that what are the other moves that you need to make. Now it's my job to follow up and follow through with this guy. So now I have what I'll call a little simple tools techniques and strategies. Right. I might. Once you send this podcast to say Hey Matt I know you're an author but I just know maybe I can help you I just got off of the podcast with this guy Josh. The guy's an ace. I can't make any promises but you understand. So again you're networking you're exposing your closing right. I can go on and on but I can't tell you. The deals that I've closed you want to hear one more story.

Josh Fonger: [00:25:47] Yeah, these are great stories.

Charlie Cina: [00:25:49] Last year I took my family to Italy it was like a dream trip right. The kids got out of school May twenty third came home they whatever had a snack washed up. We go to the airport. We had a great trip. I'm in Venice at the airport with my luggage the with his kids I see him lines moving like molasses. Finally I mean I have talked with the guy. I said Man this line's moving like molasses isn't it. He goes it sure is. I said My name's Charlie what's your name. Now forgive me I don't remember the guy's name. I should. By the way. But I'm human. I'm going to make a name. I'm Frank Frank. Nice to meet you. What do you do? He said Oh I can consult for a chain, I consult for a chain and I'm also an owner of a hamburger franchise that's going nationwide. I said really how many locations do you have currently. Don't quote me 50 but we want to go to a thousand. I said oh, What's the name of the chain? He goes cheeseburger cheeseburger. Heard of it.

Josh Fonger: [00:26:58] Yeah, I have.

Charlie Cina: [00:26:58] Keep your cheeseburger cheeseburger cheaper. So really. He says What do you do? I said well I empower right. We end up changing currents I grab my phone I do a Facebook Live with the guy or a video and then posted on on Facebook and I got home reached out to the guy after the vacation demo to him on the products and services that I provide. But what I'm saying is. Hi. What's your name. Is a million dollar question and a million dollar move right. Now I do I do a deal with the guy. No but that doesn't mean I won't do a deal with him. In fact I'm writing it down. I'm going to follow up with the guy again. Maybe he just wasn't ready to say yes last year. So that's my that's my point. People get people get lost they don't follow up they don't follow through they don't know after the first point of contact. I think everyone is going to roll over. Well that's not about what building relationships is about. That's not about what practicing your craft, is all about. And then with the whole millennial era and even my kids I don't know what my kids are are considered at this point but right they grew up. You know this is this is their whole world. How can you be high tech and how can you be high touch? I still send cards I still send notes I'll send people pizzas I'll walk into people with donuts I'll be at a restaurant and see a client and say give me his check again. Or a guy that I'm prospecting or a guy. You understand I. How do you differentiate yourself and come from a place of the best intention right where you're sincerely trying to help people with the products or services and or the network that you have. Sometimes it's not a matter. Sometimes there's nothing in it for Charlie but I can introduce you to somebody else. Right. Who introduces you to somebody else and then you go Oh wait a minute I'm not. I'm not a fit for you. But Charlie. Charlie sure is man and he's a he's a he's a good dude and he'll deliver. And what you need. So anyway I can go on and on. But those are you know those are just a few stories and then in my book I actually tell stories on what move or technique that I used to close a guy like Buddy Valastro The Cake Boss, you know Buddy Valastro the Cake Boss?

Josh Fonger: [00:29:22] I don't. I've heard of it, but I don't know.

Charlie Cina: [00:29:24] If this show has been on TV forever but a reality show star so I want out and monetize this content online. That's my story. And what move I used what technique I use what I said John Taff from Bar Rescue you know how I closed the deal with Eric Thomas, I don't know if you know who Eric Thomas is. A big motivational speaker, he goes by the hip hop preacher. But what I did was I made it a very easy read. Every chapter is probably two three maybe four pages at most. But I wanted to be able to for people to read it put it down and be able to go out and implement it. And nothing makes me happier when somebody calls me or even if I'm doing a conference or a keynote speech or a workshop or I'm consulting and I leave and like literally somebody calls me an hour a day later says Hey man. I asked five people what their name was and you know I already got a deal working. So it's simple but when you do it and you get comfortable with it and now you're. You're asking five people a day right. I mean I don't have my calculator here but do the math. I mean if you took five people a day. Right. Times 50 weeks a year five times by five times 52 weeks is two hundred and sixty people. Right. That you're just out there one on one. Like what stronger than that? They know your face. They know your name. They know your power pitch. They know what you do. And and of their if you do get to 216 you've failed miserably and only half the people set an appointment with you. What would that mean to your income if only 25 percent of the 260 set a appointment with you? I've only got 10 percent. Twenty six people bought your product or service just because you said hi, What's your name and you only made a hundred bucks off the twenty six people which is minimal. That's twenty six hundred dollars you didn't have. But more importantly. They know people and now you're tapped rooting your clients and you're building that relationship you're going back your selling, a second product or service. So I get excited about it. I live it you know. I live it every single solitary day. I love it and I wouldn't want to be in any other industry other than sales and the reality is if you're going to go from job to business. Doctor, chiropractor, dry cleaner doesn't matter. You need customer during the customer acquisition business.

Josh Fonger: [00:32:02] This is really inspiring for me just to hear like you're aligned your focus and you make it seem very simple. People all want new leads. They do one sales and they've got to go out and hire a marketing agency. They get new leads but taking your approach talking to a few folks today. Pretty simple. Hi my name is, very simple and I can certainly see when you ask me you know what do you do I just that is coaching that kills the conversation and stops it as opposed to saying something like I help reduce people's stress help them make more and work less. And it's a little bit more intriguing and then you can accept competition because most people do want to make more work less by business coach mostly by looking for a business coach.

Charlie Cina: [00:32:46] Or again or business coach while you must really be expensive. I see what's happening is the guy on the other end and saying well I'm just a tile contractor. You're not just a tile contractor! Come in my house after we've just gotten our new floors in and look at the look on my wife's face right. Once it's completed and she's smiling ear to ear. You're not just a tile contractor you're not just a baker. You see what I am saying? The people that say oh I'm just a Baker are probably not putting out the quality of product that they could be putting out because they think they're just a baker. They don't understand. Come to my house if my mother in law my wife's there and somebody brings over a cake. It's on, like. Right. Oh my God, cake. OK. Now if that cake's not good. Oh that's a problem. But if that if that cake's good they're telling the frickin world how good that cake is right there is telling their friends hey if you're it's Mary's birthday or it's Jeremy's birthday or anyway but that's the key. People need to really understand that they make a difference should they choose to make a difference.

Josh Fonger: [00:34:04] So this is all great stuff. It's like you said it's it's fundamentals that have been lost but you're bringing them back. And now we just have a bunch of tools and technology but it's still the same thing people doing business with people.

Charlie Cina: [00:34:16] Charlie Cina is so out, he's in.

Josh Fonger: [00:34:20] So how do you and this is this is back my mind is you're going through all this is how do you keep it all straight? Because obviously you're making a lot of interaction some people are warm some are cold some are you know call me later how do you keep that networking and stay sane?

Charlie Cina: [00:34:36] I'm going to answer your question right now.

Josh Fonger: [00:34:42] OK, read the book.

Charlie Cina: [00:34:42] Read the book, am I here to pitch my book. Yeah I'm here to pitch my book. That's what I'm coming from a place of good intention right. Because I wrote the book. Right. I just got off another podcast and a guy goes How did you write your book with all this noise? I go because there is a lot of that's what it is. It is noise. There's a lot of people out there that may be sold for a year. They sold a product or service at the right time. Had success. Now there are sales expert and I'm not hating on that person they took action they went out there they're making money. Kudos to them. The difference between me and them is I can sit here and teach you how to hardcore clothes. Are you really a hardcore closer?

Josh Fonger: [00:35:29] Probably Not.

Charlie Cina: [00:35:29] Right. Most people aren't. Most people don't even want to sell, right. If you say; Are you a salesman, they'll say no. Everybody's a salesman. Your kids are sales people. Your wife's a sales person you're everybody and it's just a matter of switching the word. Well they're not selling either persuading you. It's the same thing. Right. So to answer your question how do I how do I keep it all straight. Two ways. Number one when you expose, you close. So you just need to take action you need to get out there and take action. Two, you got to move OK. You need to use every road every opportunity every tool every technique and every strategy. Right. To meet people and ultimately generate revenue. So that's really the key. And then what's your what's your why? I mean my why, the first thing I have in my book because it is my why. I don't see that. Yeah. That's my family. I don't want money for the sake of you know Rolls Royces and planes and all that's great right. And people get I'll say caught up on that. How do you get people to become six figure money earners because right now if you make one hundred grand a year you're still not in the top 1 or 2 percentile of money earners. Hundred grand a year isn't a lot of money anymore. Hundred fifty grand a year and a lot of money anymore and others people that are gonna be listening to this and say Whoa dude I only make 30 grand a year or 40 grand a year 50 grand a year. How do you how do you get there. Well that's what I'm trying to teach people how to do. See when you become a brand called you right Josh Fonger you're a brand. Now you're coming at the world with clarity. You're presenting yourself. You're positioning yourself now. Opportunities will come. Based upon, how you present yourself to the other person were only, Josh, we're only, and I say this with with love and respect. We're only on this podcast right now. Let me rephrase that. I'm only on this podcast right now because you are certain or you were certain after I cold called you didn't I. So let's talk about that for a quick second because I think that's important right. We're a story we're social proof. Right now, I'm social proof slash you're social proof that what I'm saying works. I saw your associates book which is called what?

Josh Fonger: [00:38:34] Work the system.

Charlie Cina: [00:38:34] Work the system. Right. And I sent you an email off of whatever email or whatever little form right was in there. I put my name. I put my phone number. I put my email and then I had a write a what, to get your attention?

Josh Fonger: [00:38:54] Called Action.

Charlie Cina: [00:38:55] Message, called action right. So again I had to present myself in a way that was unforgettable. The first point of contact how many inquiries do you get a week?

Josh Fonger: [00:39:05] A lot, yeah.

Charlie Cina: [00:39:05] Present myself in a way that was unforgettable a first point of contact position myself as an expert in my space right. And then have the social proof. So if you go back to my email I guarantee you I said something in there like I'm working with, right. Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkin and whoever it is right. Social proof,and I'm using Zig Ziglar, God bless him right he's gone. But my point is who do you have that social proof right. And then so I've not position myself. And now again this is a relationship. So I use the word profit but right now I'm not profiting from this relationship with money. But I firmly believe that when we hang up the phone we've built a relationship where we're going to collaborate more or you might come to Vegas with your wife. We might have dinner or I might come where you live and we might have dinner or you might. Do you understand?

Josh Fonger: [00:40:04] Yeah.

Charlie Cina: [00:40:04] Guess what. I got a list here Josh of subject matter experts in this book that I've acquired as clients and I've got a list of people that maybe didn't do business with me but I'm still friends with that are subject matter experts and authors that you may want to have on your show. You understand.

Josh Fonger: [00:40:24] Deferentially.

Charlie Cina: [00:40:25] Yeah. So how do we get there. Because I sent you an email. I used to write words that triggers the right pictures that triggered the right emotions. We used to get up on a call. Right now you weren't ready for the product that I had to offer you were you?

Josh Fonger: [00:40:38] Not yet, it's a good product though.

Charlie Cina: [00:40:41] Because you don't have certainty that it's going to work for you yet. That's OK but you invited me on your podcast. So that's what I want to impress upon everybody when you come at something. With the right intentions and when you have your message to market down and when you're certain about who you are and what you can do for somebody with precision at the point of introduction where in 10 seconds or less you can sell people the dream and I don't mean to dream like a false promise. I'm saying a solution to a problem where you immediately introduce yourself build rapport gain credibility and then say hey let's have a cup of coffee. Man that's powerful and that's where deals that.

Josh Fonger: [00:41:34] I've got, I've got a number of questions I want to ask about and I want to be respectful of your time so I'll just go Oh I'll do that kind of wrap up questions now. So Charlie you know small business owners entrepreneurs listening to this. What is the final thing you want to leave them with something memorable that they should really know. And then where can they find you can they find about, Expose and Close?

Charlie Cina: [00:41:56] What I want to leave. Salespeople with entrepreneurs with or business owners with is the following. Mentors have mentors. So you can't do it yourself. Education I've read this today. I know it but I am not going to say it right. But I know it but I just spent on a Facebook post it said education, school education will help you make a living right. Self development and acquiring the right mentor-ship will help you build wealth. So I have mentors. I don't. Unfortunately for me I don't have hobbies. So if I called my wife right now or my daughter my 15 year old daughter and said Honey when daddy wakes up on Saturday morning do I go golfing. She would say no debt. What do I do? While you're in front of your computer Dad on a sales webinar or I'm studying somebody else's marketing pitch or I'm practicing and learning my craft from somebody else. Right. And when I say learning it might just be a word track it might just be a different mindset that I need that would help me with the different client. Right. Again how do I present myself in a way that's unforgettable it might just give me that little ledge on the back of my book. I have something that's called thought leaders, influencers, and mentors. I just ordered a book today and I Amazon the door rang.

[00:43:26] .I'm getting ready to take a shower. My my wife's still in bed and I and I go look at the door nobody's there. I'm getting dressed they go out. It's it's my new book from Amazon. On sales and a sales guy the power of who I think it's called right. A gentleman said hey man this you're gonna be in a podcast with this guy. You should read his book. You should get to know him. Okay I'm game. I'll learn. So to answer your question. Mentors have mentors right. Oprah Winfrey had Maya Angelo I don't know if you know who my Angelo was right. Bill Gates goes and went for years and still does to Warren Buffett. You know Michael Jordan as a guy by the name of Tim Grover I know Tim. He's a friend. He's a business associate. So mentors have mentors so. What I would impress upon your audience is go out and and study and practice your craft. If you are a business owner any customer acquisition. Right. That's what I teach. If you don't like what I said here today then go out and find somebody that can help you with customer acquisition or sales or whatever pain point that you're currently having. Right. How do how does that pain point get resolved in order for you to take your life and your business to the next level.

Josh Fonger: [00:44:50] Great advice. Good advice get mentors. Perfect, and also because it just people own blind spots just unaware of where they are weak and mentors can really shed some light because they've been there before. Well good. Well Charlie this has been great. Where's the website. I heard that there Where where should they go if they want to find your book or your services.

Charlie Cina: [00:45:08] You want to go to the book you go to exposing closed dot com just like it sounds e XP OSCE and close dot com. My book. I also just launched after seven years of helping speakers traders and subject matter experts create their own virtual online planning online training platforms. I threw the product I've been representing for the past seven years lightspeed BT I am in the process of launching my own virtual training system obviously it's that exposing closed dot com and then I also have Charlie Cina at dot com. C-I-N-A is the last name Charlie Cina a dot.com and that is my Web site for speaking, consulting, and workshop. So if there are business owners or companies out there that want some mentoring want me to speak to a group or you want some one on one coaching. That's what I really love to do. Like I said I don't play golf. I walk the walk and talk the talk and can probably see that this is more than a profession to me it's it's something I love. It's it's I consider it my hobby.

Josh Fonger: [00:46:11] This is great. Overall it's been really helpful to me hopefully. I'm sure has been to the audience as well really to understand how far you can take this expose and close and just what a difference it can make in terms of the door that opens opportunities you've had in life you can live and the value you can provide when you are not afraid to put it out there. I want to just let you know that again got exposed and closed I come to find out more information about Charlie. And thanks everyone for listening to podcast they are watching it. I look forward to sharing the podcast with you in about a week where we will help you grow business with systems so you can make more and work less. Thanks everybody.

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