Motivational Tools for Entrepreneurs

Sometimes you’re so used to putting out fires in your business that you inadvertently put out your own! According to Semay Rashad, entrepreneurs are often bursting with motivation when they start their businesses, but get rundown with day-to-day operations over time.

In this podcast, Semay Rashad  motivational speaker and entrepreneur provides motivational tools for entrepreneurs to reignite your inner fire so that you can inject life into your business from the top down. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Empowering yourself to transition to the next level 
  • How to ask better questions to get better answers 
  • The power of passive income and diversifying your portfolio

Host: Josh Fonger

Guest: Semay Rashad

Duration 37:20

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Welcome to the work system podcast where we help entrepreneurs make more and work less using systems and I'm your host, Josh fogger. Today we have a special guest we have some a Rashad Semay is nicknamed The empower. He is a public speaker, Master motivator and expert capital advisor, business and life coach. He is a results driven problem solver who believes if there's a will, then there is a way. And that imagination rules world. And today is also the owner of Titans capital equity group, real estate and private equity asset management firm. Welcome to the show.


Hey, thank you, Josh, thank you so much for having me. Glad to be here. Happy Friday to you. Yeah,


Yeah,you too. So the last bit of work for me for the for the week. So be very happy once we're done. But until then, why don't you give everybody the intro intro into what brought you here? What made you the master motivator and your entrepreneurial career?


Thank you, Josh. What brought me here is I love helping people. I think that that is just something that no matter what it takes, no matter what it is, there's inflammation and gifts and talents that I've been blessed to get research and to involve myself with. And I know that that information wasn't just for me. And I know it made a difference for myself and the people that I've met along the way that mentored me and taught me they poured out into me and my role responsibilities poured into others. And so I've had a chance to coach and talk to teenage groups and single parents and community based groups in church organizations and business owners, business leaders, about inspiring them to take the next turn and look at problems a different way to challenge them to motivate them. Because we all need that that kickstart we all need sometimes, you know, sometimes a lot of people they give and give and give so much, they drain their own battery. And they have, they don't know where to turn for some time to rejuvenate that battery once again. And so sometimes you got to plug in, like I say iron sharpens iron. Sometimes you need to get what somebody else says that has the energy that has the focus that has a force that can reinvigorate you to get you going again and at the same time, give you some notes, and hopefully some pearls of wisdom that you can use for the journey. So as they say, once I was blind, and now I can see sometimes we just need a new perspective. If I talk to people in my industry all the time, I'll get some information. But sometimes there's somebody on the outside looking in, that can see better and say, Rashad, if you just do a 30% to the left, or do 10% to the right. You'll you'll really jumped scale your business from there. So we need that kind of information and input from the right people, if we have that burning desire to go to the next level. And I think most people looking to go to the next level, whatever it is. So if you're the one you want to go to a three, if you're a three, you want to go to a five or a 10 hopefully want to go to a 12. So as long as it's out there, it's available, you can you can put yourself in position to do that. So


you already motivated me right now with your with your energy. So tell me, so when you're in front of a group. And you're right, like you're right now small business owners, who are you know, depending on when you're watching this, whether you're watching us live on Facebook, right now you're watching the recording. I think it still applies, but there's some indecision in the marketplace, there's challenging times. Now there's some political turmoil. There's a lot of things going on. And I think that can be demotivating, or at least distracting for a business owner that has to leave. So what are some strategies that a small business owner should should utilize right now to keep their motivation up? And to lead? Well? Excellent, good


question. It's probably gonna sound a little weird when I start this off, but I'm gonna have to say it anyway. Because I have to speak from my heart, not from the nose. I would sit quietly first, and close my eyes and just feel and meditate and try to hear what's going on. I think somewhere in the universe, whatever energy or entity you want to call it, it speaks to you. And it will reveal the secrets of the world to you. If you take the time to download that versus downloading something on YouTube or one of the other space channels you may be chasing, because you're hearing too many voices. And the most important voice you need to hear is that entity that's something from the universe that puts you here for your destiny and for your journey. So that's the base of my power, my source of my inspiration, my imagination, imagination comes through listening. Now that you see hear it now you have to look at it and ask yourself the question, What problem can my business Fix. Most people are in businesses, they're solving some type of problem. I have a flat tire. So I go to the store and I get a brand new tire, he thinks he solved my problem. I'm on the road and My car broke down, I'm calling triple A, they have a service that solves a problem. So sometimes we have to ask, what problem are we solving? Is that problem still relevant, because in this new information age that we're in, and this new digital economy that we're in, we have to face facts that we're evolving. And if you're not evolving with that, you'll be left behind like the Sears of the world, the JC Penney's of the world, and the dinosaur companies that refuse to change blockbuster, etc, we can go on and on, that just didn't see it coming. You need to see what's coming. And you can't fold your arms and say, well, that's for those young people. That's what those old people, you have to be open. So I think taking the point of, I'm going to be open, I might not have listened to that three years ago, I might not have listened to that five years ago, but maybe I can learn something from this 24 year old, maybe I can learn something from this 19 year old don't discount the age, don't discount the age be open to anyone that seems that they have a some information, I can help you catapult to that next level. So take in more information. In that regard of looking, what problem can I solve? Am I solving the right problems? Or should I pass on because if I was making light bulbs, and now General Electric now dominates the market, there may not be no more room for me, I may need to now move on and make up you know, chairs or something else instead. So that's number two. Number three, I would continue to be positive, because I would get up every day and still say affirmations. And so I know that my mind, and my subconscious mind listens to me. And it will give you whatever answer you're looking for. But most of us don't talk to it. Or we perceive that we're talking to ourselves. And yes, I do talk to myself. But at the same time I know the answers I'm getting. So I have to reaffirm and tell my my mind what I want, and I send it out into the universe, I'm going to solve this problem, I'm going to find the marketing channel, I'm going to find a way to increase my traffic flow. So you know, they always say who talks to you more than anybody else in this world? yourself. So who do you listen to more than so what message are you driving in your head? If you're listening to the news, man, sales is down, businesses are closed, things are hard, or the economy is bad, the President's decision, the Congress, people are bad, and where's my stuff? So all you're hearing is the negative, negative, negative, negative. And what is going to grow out of there is negative results, negative responses, a closed mind, and you can't feed that kind of mind? That type of negative nourishment expect something positive to come in? So every day, I mean, Josh, let me ask you, how fast can life change for you?


In a blink of an eye, just like that, so you don't know who you're gonna run into. You don't know who you're gonna meet, you don't know what that next phone call coming in, you know, that next client coming in through the door may bring you or the next meeting that you said, I don't want to drive over there 50 miles to go to this crazy meeting. But that might be the key person that can turn your life 180 degrees, sometimes, like 360 No, I want to go 180. Because I'm going this way. Now, I need to go the other way now to be better and do better. So I have to have the optimistic outlook that every time I look at the glass, the glass is always half full, not half empty. Today can be my day. Today could be the day of change today could be the day of breakthrough today could be the day of I may come up with the newfound discovery that wasn't in the business before. You know, just like pizza, how long was pizza been around forever in a day, back to ancient times in Rome, but a one man came along named Thomas Monaghan instead 30 minutes or is free. And Domino's Pizza dominate the market and he retired a multi billionaire. Okay, you know, and so it doesn't take a lot. We're not looking for a big bang theory to come along. You just have to keep asking yourself on a piece of paper is something about taking things from the mind from the vein, and putting it down on paper to make it plain. Make it you need to see because we hear what our ears but then we see what our eyes and it does something I really can't explain. I'm not the type of scientific person, but it does something to it's like setting goals when it's written on paper. And you could ask yourself, How do I solve my marketing problem? How do I solve my expense is whatever it is, and then you continue to ask yourself that every day and you might be getting out the shower, moving out of the car in the Stelling line the grocery store or cooking food and then all of a sudden boom. Inspiration comes not why because you asked that question. And whenever you asked that went out into the universe and went around the world maybe three or four times and it came back because that old saying is what you're looking for is looking for you and so when goes out and it comes back in, wow, No, I haven't No, I have to take this birth of an idea. And now see how to monetize it. And that may require a little bit more work because now I have the idea for a car. Now I have the idea for the light bulb. Now I have the idea for how to put the shoes on people. So not easy to figure out a plan in the system to make it all work. And ask myself that last one, is it solving the problem?


So if I gather those steps, and I think the first one is being quiet, which I wouldn't have thought, that's a great, that's a great starting point, then it's what problem do I solve? And then the next thing is, ask the question, and wait for the answer is that the process?


That's the process? Was that great things or not? Is not, you know, there's there's nothing new under the sun. And we're just reinventing things and doing a 10% better, and you got to ask better questions. And I have to realize myself that whatever got me to where I am today is not enough to get me to where I'm going to go. So the same mine that created the problem, that mine is not sometimes big enough or high enough to, to understand how to fix the problem. So that's why I have to now network with other people. Now I have to get rid of the greater minds. Because if I'm at 10, and I'm talking to an eight, eight can't take me to a 12 in mindset, but if I talk to a 15, and I'm at attend, now he can raise my game. So if I play basketball hypothetical against Michael Jordan every day, and then I went back to high school to play I probably dominate when Michael Jordan was in his heyday, because I played against the best of the best of the best on the court every day, for some straight eight weeks, straight. 10 weeks, we ran, we push we I got blown out every game ever. I mean, he destroyed me every game, but I got back up and I got stronger and stronger. And that's how you have to be in business. Sometimes you got to get with other great minds, and learn from them. And you got to be humble. But sometimes I pride gets in the way. We don't want to ask for help. You know, we don't want to talk to nobody, because we're afraid that they're going to think that we're failing. No, it's just the opposite. wise people always surround themselves with wise counsel. So they should find that mentee, that coach or that person that's in that area, and you believe it or not, and you probably know. So I've reached out to people like the chairman of JetBlue. And he responded, he emailed me back and gave me some advice and gave me some pointers. So don't think because they're too high above you that you can't reach it. Because at the end of the day, they're human beings just like you. And most of those people that are there, they love giving back. They love giving back and they love giving back. So it's not that I'm calling them asking for $1. Or lend me some money. I asked him about business ideas and what I tried already, and it didn't work, what would you do if he was in my situation. And while the relationship began, he gave me some great information. And I'll talk to a multi billion I'll talk to a guy that runs, you know, a multi billion dollar airline who has logistics and people and routes and run and coordinates and meetings and global things to take care of, you know, took the time to talk to a little guy like me, even though from Pittsburgh yesterday, to give me a little bit of advice. That's all I needed to help change direction. So if you can get a few of those in your coffers, it'll make a tremendous difference. And lastly, stop thinking small. Stop going to the ocean with your teacup. Think Big, fail, big go big goal, what's the worst that can happen? So you gotta take the fear out of it. We got to take the fear out of whatever that thing is for you take that fear. I'm afraid to do the zoom meeting with Josh. I'm afraid to read the book. I'm afraid to call a mentor. I'm afraid to talk to salsa, I'm afraid to talk to my banker, I'm afraid to go to the meeting, I'm afraid to ask me to stand up and do a present. I'm afraid, you know, fear is false evidence appearing real. And fear will hold you back from so many great opportunities that were set your way specifically didn't go to Roger, Danny or Troy, it came to me it came to you. And now it's your turn, to embrace it. to own it, to love it. So this is mine. Now what I do with it, that's up to me what the universe is gonna say, I heard you know, I heard your cry and I heard your prayers. I heard you research it. So here I'm sending you the answer. And the answer is always look like the answer. Sometimes it's disguised as hard work. But the harder you work, the luckier you become. If you want to find a diamond, you're not gonna find it on the top of the mountain. You have to dig deep, deep, deep, deep, deep into the mountain where it's under tremendous pressure. As business people we are under tremendous pressure sometimes. But we're going deep within ourselves to bring out the 



the diamond and we're all diamonds and our own rights. There's no two diamonds exactly like, so there's no two business people exactly like they can both be running Subway sandwich shops. But the business culture or the business, energy will be different based on that business owner. And you feel it. I'm sure you've been in the stores, you feel energy, spam right away. And then as long as you walk in, it's like, whatever energy you have, it just got zapped. Like I just walked into a dark room a dark tone, who turned the lights on my goodness, I just came to the door, everybody's looking around, and they're like, you know, why are you here? What do you what do you don't want? You know, I just feel this negative vibe is like, I really want to order something here. Should I get up the door and go, and then you walk to another place? So fresh? Welcome. How are you? Glad to see you in Russia, right? Yes. Well, what are you having today? That personal? Well, I feel so good. I feel like I'm King Kong, I feel like I'm on top of the world, this person remembered me they know who I am. And they just their energy rubbed off on me. Because energy is a transformation of feeling. If I'm gonna feel like you are, you're gonna feel like me. So you've got to make up your mind which one is going to be you're going to dominate it, or it's going to dominate you. And you feel that on the phone, when you pick up the phone and you making a call to a client or prospective client. You only got five seconds to let it out. You can't warm up like you're doing Barry White Hello, how you doing? And then you try to get high like no, you better come up with the right energy first, because that's gonna, you're setting the tone. You need to set the tone, then you don't need to match them, they need to match you know, I'm going to listen. And there is a wow, I mean, when when you the greatest compliment you can get when you get off the phone is. Wow, I feel better now that I talked to you. I feel I feel better now that I talk to you. Man, this has been great. My day was just going down the dumps but none of I talked to you. I can see myself making it through this now.


First they were 

blind. Now they can see you are that light you are that torch, you are that burner. You are that radiator that can bring it and it doesn't. What does that cost? What are the costs? that impact can just swell over to so many other people now that that's something that you just have to have within it. You know, you're feeling good about yourself, you're feeling good about life, what you have to remember is that people say that the economy is down. And this is that's their economy. What about my economy? I'm not participating in that economy. I'm participating my own economy. So I don't I don't get together with my cousin over there. His economy is down there laying people off, they're going through furloughs, and I understand I get it, but I'm not participating. So what else can I do? What else can I do? I mean, do you want to lay here in the street and die, or be a man and get up and do something about it, I'm gonna fake my way to success, I'm gonna think my way out of this box, I'm gonna think my way out of this bag, I'm gonna hit it, I'm gonna nail it. But that takes desire. So if you don't have no desire, you have no fire. And if you have no fire, then you have nothing to light. If you have nothing to life, you might just go sit on the side and let them come push you to the side and let somebody else with the light come through


Well, it's a, it's a lot of questions I could ask you about that. But the one that stuck out to me in that that motivational letter right there, which is awesome. Is is the fear aspect. And you know, the parent, you know, people being paralyzed by fear, and owners of companies having to deal with things they've never thought of or been challenged with before. And you hit on that, that they need to get over this fear. And what what would you say to someone who says, Well, I don't know what to do next. And they're just stuck in that fear of failure. What What kind of advice would you give them?


Okay, there's two things 1 am, I stuck out of fear because of a paralysis of analysis? Or is it fear that I'm just afraid to make a choice? I don't want to be wrong. of move, what is it going to cost you if you move forward? So you have that what we have to worry about? What are you in the fear quite equation? What is it at the root of it that you're really worried about losing reputation, losing money, losing clients, losing your health? What is that real thing that is holding up that decision from you moving? And when we're in fears because we're fearful? Because we don't know? I know, I know. It's not the the I don't this the unknown that bothers me. Because I don't have the crystal ball in front of me to shake it up and say, and I go to my Swami and say, okay, tomorrow, how's it going to be? Should I buy this stock or that stock? Should I inventory or throw things away? Should I open up or close? So we're waiting for that guru maybe to come along or a crystal ball to look in, but the What you need is information intelligence. I need to get the intelligence to the situation. Because there's a lot of cases and study cases of people that have come through challenging periods of time. And although technology has changed, we can use some of them same principles, but higher level technology sometimes to solve the problem. So I need to do a little more research, I need to call in the experts and or read up on the experts that maybe I can't afford it, you know, my budget is so tight, I feel like I can't afford to pay an expert, but that might be the best investment that you've ever made. Because that's really what you need right now. You know, before you invest in the next countertop, the next bottle or the next you need to invest in somebody's mind. OPM other people's minds, open at other people's time, or PK other people's knowledge, and find out and get, it's like, if I wanted to come over and do your roof, Josh, you would probably get three bids, to see who's the best editor three, the same thing here I have a challenge. So I'm gonna talk to three people and get their perspectives. And take a little bit from this one, that one, or throw the third one away, or use a little bit of all, but now that I have more information, I'm more comfortable. It's not the end of the world. It's not a death sentence. I can live through this. I mean, that's how we have to look at it some time. This is not a death sentence. So no matter what happens, I can live through it, I can, I can face it today, and I can face it tomorrow, all I need to do now is get the correct information, because information changes the situation. And he or she who controls the information, controls the situation.


will say I wanted to totally change gears on you now. Because I know you also run it private investment and real estate investment. So why don't you share with us a little bit about how you do that differently? Or how you know, what makes you unique in the marketplace for how you do your investments?


Okay, um, what we do is we have realized that lots and lots of working families don't get a chance to retire comfortably for a myriad of reasons. One, I'm not putting away enough to I don't even know what's in my investment account. If I was asked you today, what's in your 401k plan, they will say,


I don't know, 

you know, if I asked you how much of these savings bank, you probably know, you see that on a regular but what's in your investment account, most people don't know. And then when they look at it, it's probably at the end of the year, when they finally get that statement. So they can take it to their tax or accounting or whoever's preparing the stuff for them. And they see that they took a dip and they lost 30 or 40%. And so you have to start safeguarding and be more attentive to your money on a daily basis on a monthly basis, if nothing else, when it comes to those kinds of things. And so we decided that this, so many families that have lost out and I've known them personally and then work through that myself, that there's a better way to get to where you want to go to and using real estate, which has helped propel changed courses of destiny has helped so many families made them millionaires have created passive income, generational wealth as one of the strongest vehicles that they can use to create some income for themselves after they retire. You may have retirement account that's built up with $300,000. But it's running out as much as the investments is trying to make money putting back in is running up. So what else can I have that I can own that can continuously have passive income coming in. And a lot of people you know that I know they're working, they're nurses, they're doctors, they're farming, they're policemen. They're sanitation workers, they're teachers, and they don't have time to invest in the next e commerce and do this business and try to do the Amazon and also the kind of things that we say you can make money online, you can make money online, and nobody makes money. Only people that make money is the US government. Everyone else must learn to serve. But getting back to your point, what we do is we create customized real estate, retirement reassurance portfolios for clients. And what that is, is a you know, we basically create a book for them, we put everything in there for them. So therefore now we can either individually or collectively, put them in secured real estate deals using self directed IRA accounts where they can now take their money from their 401k plan, go through one of our custodian entities that we work with, that they will transfer some or all the money over there, and now roll it over into a self directed so visitors because pension funds today are under performing. If you go look at the national average, most pension funds are only at 60 maybe 65% of what is supposed to have for you and I only come out at age 65. Most social security systems are the Social Security system right now is very weak to based on what's going on so it's underfunded. So who's to say who's the know you know what's going to happen in the future. Future. So you have to take charge of your own financial destiny. And one way to do that is to get involved with real estate with passive income opportunities where you have something that's safe is secured, if it's the right asset class, it appreciates in time, you get right off from it at the same time. So I'm not talking about joining a fund, we make that clear. A lot of times, there's a lot of great companies and people out there that want you to have a fund, and you join a fund. And when the fund you own stock, you own a unit, or you own a portion of the portfolio, but you Your name is not on the deed, I'm talking about putting your name on the deed either individually. And if you don't have enough, will syndicate you with two or three other people. So now Cindy, Bob, Roger and Larry now all on the 16 unit building, and every month they're getting capital is rolling right back into their 401k plan. So depending on who they are, and how much they have to work with, we customized plans so we can start showing them, educating them and empowering them. You know, let's get your house in order. Let's get your real estate in order. Let's get your credit in order. Let's look at paying down on some of these debts. And let's look at increasing your assets. Because most people if you ask them, What is your net worth? Most people can't tell you. They live in No, you know, where does that come into equation. It's not really taught in school a lot of times, so we miss it. So we're just randomly running around. But when you show them assets versus liabilities, your net worth is wow. Now let's keep score. So in January, you were here, Phil, were you there. Now we picked up this property, put it in your portfolio chain, see how fast it went up? Now you got this one this side that one. So let's move forward. Not only that, now let's talk about the other side of the house, which is the estate side? Because Do you have a will? Do you have a trust? Do you have a vocable trust? Do you have a medical narrative that if something happened to one of your family members and they become incapacitated? Can you go pick up your check at work? Can you go to their bank and deal with their bank account to move money around to pay their bills, I have personally worked with people that in my family and outside my family have had these challenges. Because the right paperwork wasn't an order wasn't in place. And it leaves you already in the stressful situation even more stressed up now, because you're arguing with the bank, the insurance company. So you need to have all of this in order. And these are the things that we put together for our clients in their customized package and help them keep score every month. So they can win in this game and come out financially stronger. And what we're looking at is just diversify. Have something where you Okay, I got my money in the stock market. I'm not saying taking it out. I'm not saying it's bad, the stock market's been great, but you need to diversify into some other asset classes. One last example on this is that we got a client, a couple of clients involved in a O'Reilly AutoZone. O'Reilly auto. O'Reilly auto is one of the big chain automaker auto parts store in the country, and 10 of them came together to be able to buy this piece of property that and they own the building. So it's important that we're owning the building on real estate that we know is a mainstay a central part of the American fiber and the economy every day. And the chance of them going out is very small than none. And they have what's called corporate leases, meaning that the corporation of O'Reilly is signing the lease on this thing for 10 to 20 years to be in this location. That's almost like guaranteed income, that's about a 90 to 95% guaranteed income I'm not waiting on if I have 10 tenants that they're going to pay, I have one good corporate tenant that says you have to pay that guaranteed a lease for 1015 to 20 years that now I know I have this passive income coming in every month funneling backup into my 401k plan on my self directed IRA 401k plan that we help the clients put together.


Yeah, that's a great plan. And switching gear one more time today is the purpose of the show is to, you know, for one, help small business owners grow. But another piece of that is systematically so can you with all things you have going on, tell us any systems you put in place in your personal life or business life? And has allowed you to do do this much have you put in some kind of process? Or habit that has worked?


Yeah, very good. Yes, I think at the end of each year, around October, November, I'm already planning for the following year. And so I will get my whole new spread out of my planner book. And I'm thinking about what things we're going to get rid of that's no longer serving us clients that maybe we need to move on from with new clients. We want to go into anything in technology where we need to change to improve and improve our business or improve ourselves. And then I start mapping out each month. What do we want to do? What do we want to go so we could have a plan in place. And then each month, when it opens up like in June, I'm already looking at my book, okay, these are the things I need to get done in June, and I'm keeping score. So it's just like in football or basketball. There's four quarters to this game. There's four quarters to the business world. And so at the end of the first quarter, if I was talking to Coca Cola, Pepsi or McDonald's, they already know what it would they want to be by the end of the first quarter by the end of the second quarter. I don't care what size your business you need to think About the same thing on that level, because that's how you get to that next level, where do I want to be, and then you, you know, you start with the end in mind first and then work your way backwards now, daily, what things do I need to do to get there to make this happen. And within that, now I have a to do list that I'm going to keep very, very short and simple. So I have my daytime planner already blocked out who I don't need to be talking to during the daytime, because time is the only key ingredient that we cannot get back. It is so precious. So this calls is going to come in to you sometimes you just need to avoid and let go and answer those calls. Like after the market is closed, whatever you're doing, there's some calls that you do need to take, but you need to block out your time and preserve your time. But you need to every night before you go to bed, you'll sleep better if you write out your to do list the night before. And you go over your goal plan the night before. So if somebody woke up at midnight, and you hurt your leg, you couldn't get out of bed, you can hand your book off to your son, your daughter and say this was supposed to happen today. You know, and that makes things a little bit more simple. In order to inventory check the stock, hold this interview for me or postpone this interview for me whatever is supposed to be you have that lined up. And then you may write down six things on your to do list. And then you need to go back and reorder them which one is the most important one to do? You know, and if I can only get the three of them today, what are the top three I need to do in the priority order. And then if I don't finish all six, let me roll up number four, five and six to tomorrow and put those on my priority list. So I just keep rotating over my to do list over and over. So I can stay on course, don't overwhelm myself, and plan out my day accordingly. Another thing I do is, you know, they say sometimes six days a labor in one day a recipe sometimes you got to put it on that Saturday, I'll put it on that Sunday or something to keep up or get ahead when you have a little bit more time now to be to not be you know, when people are not bothering you, and you have more attention and focus on take care something during that quiet time. Sometimes people are so adamant about you know, when I went into business myself, I didn't realize that I can only have to work a half a day, I just need to figure out what sets the first 12 hours or the last one. But you've got to put in some time, before you get to the point where I'm thinking, How do I get to my business where I can work on my business and not in my business. And I think it goes back to your book and everything about building systems. And when I'm able to system now, it makes things a lot more easy, because now I can just have a 50,000 foot view looking down into it. And making sure I have the right controls the right people and the right systems in place. So I have a succession plan. And I freed myself up now to go do other things or to continue to monetize this business here. So I can scale it, but I can't bake the cookies and put them in the oven and be out there trying to expand the Empire at the same time. I gotta turn that over and let Sally do that at a given rate. And let me go out there work on the more high end things that's going to bring in more revenue for the company. So don't be afraid to trust and don't be afraid to train, but at the same time, inspect what you expect.


I think that's a great system. So usually he will will will mention some kind of like tactical system, like how to answer the phone or how files but like you did a leadership system, which has to do with thinking about the next year and breaking it out by quarters and figuring out how to measure that is a system that leaders have to put in place if they're going to lead well. It's not tactical, but somebody has to do it. Otherwise, you're just you're just loose with your leadership. So what's the question that I didn't ask you that I should have asked you during this interview you want to leave the audience with?


Well, one question you didn't ask me. Um, I think you asked me, Why do I do what I do? How do I get started? I think that's it, you know, why do you do what you do? Why are you so excited, and 

I'm excited about life. I'm excited about the journey that I'm on. I'm excited about helping people. And it's not about how much money you make, but how much of an impact one can make in one's lifetime. And I've looked at a lot of mentors and mentees that I've talked to and work with and listened to audios. That's another good thing that we left out, I apologize. during these times right now, this is the best time to turn your car, your home into a University of learning. Learning is that master key then comes to discipline. But you know, you have all this downtime instead of you know, spending it all on Netflix, let Netflix be a reward. But don't let that be the babysitter for you. You know, when I ask people, how much does it TV cost them? They said, What do you mean, I paid 1900 I said no, you spent over 30,000 you look how many hours you've given them of your life, that TV didn't cost you 19 $100 it costs you a million dollars worth of income you probably missed out on because you're sitting in front of that. So you need to find a way to turn off the distractions that are keeping you from making what you want to make and go back to school is never out. School is never out. So you should always be learning you should always have, you know, time to read a book. You know, they say you know, the average person reads about one and a half, maybe two books a year. So if you read Five, how much more further ahead Are you than the next person? And if you can't read and don't want to read, you know, get the audio. But as the saying goes, a man a woman who will not read is a man or a woman who who cannot lead. So readers are leaders, leaders are learners and learners are  earners.


Got some amazing quotes and I gotta say, to my team, when they're editing this, they can find all these great quotes because this is a really bite sized chunks you got to get for that. Well tell us where can people find you if they want to, to get help with their portfolio or lending or with, you know, booking you as a public speaker? Where do they go?


Okay, they can go to these, this one is a s Rashad at Titans, capital Or if they want to know more about the portfolios and looking at their retirement accounts and having alternatives for that they can go to WWE, Titans, capital, equity, the phone number to call for either one is 1-888-779-2348, that's 1-888-779-2348. I've had the same phone number for 15 years, you could check with T Mobile, so pretty stable and been around for a while. And, you know, I love what I do. And so there's never a day that I go to work. You know, it's always a labor of love. And as long as it's a labor of love, it's never worked for me. So I enjoy what I do. I enjoy giving back and pointing to people the little bit that I know, to help make a difference in their life along the way


All right, good. Well, thanks again for making the time on this Friday afternoon to do this interview. And thanks, everybody who's tuned in live on the Facebook or watching this on YouTube or iTunes, wherever you're watching this, I appreciate you. I'll see you next week I'll have another expert likes me, or one of my previous clients, or one of my certified consultants talking about how we can improve business so you can make more work less. And also, if you want a free copy of that book right there behind me work the system. You can download it for free at work the audio or the PDF version. Or if you want the full version, hardcopy, leave us review and send a screenshot of that review to info at work the and we grab one name out of a hat a week, and we'll mail you a copy of that book anywhere in the world. All right, so me thanks again.


Thank you. It's been a pleasure. Thank you for hosting me. I appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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