The Art of Human Connection in Business

Do you stress over being perfect in your communications with others?  Do you know that the power of imperfection in business is a catalyst to increase the human connection?  Today, Chad Sanderson will share with us the subtleties of uncovering value prompters when talking with others.  Chad Sanderson is an award-winning sales, marketing and business strategy consultant with 20+ years of proven results in driving revenue growth, facilitating market expansions and building high-performance teams.

Selected by ColoradoBiz magazine as one of the “Top 25 Most Powerful Salespeople,” and by Training magazine as a “2018 Top 5 Emerging Training Leader,” Chad is a sought-after and trusted advisor to global companies, partnering with them to optimize sales across markets and verticals, and drive predictable revenue growth.

Josh : (00:24 – 01: 01) Welcome to the WorktheSystem Podcast, we help entrepreneurs make the
world work less using system and I’m your host, Josh Fonger. Today we have special guest, we
got Chad Sanderson, who has been leading sales and marketing teams to success for over 20
years. His name is at TOP 5 in merging training leader by Train magazine and Chad is the award
winning sales, marketing and business strategy consultant and host of the BDB Revenue
Executive experience podcast. Alright, Welcome to the show Chad. Why don’t you tell us how
you get started in to be a merging TOP 5 sales center?
Chad : (01:02 – 02:30) (Laughing..) Yeah, yeah I’m not sure how exactly what I want that but
it’s interesting I actually got trained in the values and frameworks, seventeen, seventeen years
ago now and a it change my life. It was a, it was a aha moment that totally transform the way
approach the business ,where I approach interaction and so in able for me to be a, you know I
was a rockstar, individual contributor carrying a bag doing enterprise sales, from selling in
manufacturing, selling tag and then I was throughout my career, and starting running teams and
came an executives . I had the same person who trained me come in and train in all my teams
and everytime work that and it was extremely successful. And about three years ago, Rick
Mackin hits calls me up and “ Hey you need to come do this, you need to take very passionate
through framework , very passionate about how it can impact lives, organizations and peoples,
you need to come to this. And I was (mumbling……..)I don’t know and then we sat down and
answer numbers and do you know what? let’s do it , I’m kicking myself from not having done it
sooner because it’s a have a lot of fun and it great to see the impact that you can have in other
people life as the life come on and they let apply things. Coz, its been kind long journey coz it
started 6 or 7 years to do it and I keep telling “no no no no”. And then finally 3 years ago, finally
he hit me in it was just the right time and here I’am.

Josh : (02:31 – 02:39) So, tell us what, what is for those who don’t know which I’m one of those
people. What is the value of framework and how does it work?

Chad : (02:40 -03:29) So, it is a very simple set of tools that it is unfortunately I really taking for
your recording , unfortunately it’s a vice time it really a framework designs to uncover another
human being perception of that and that doesn’t matter if in your sales, or marketing or your
running out of business you have to connect with other individuals and we living in world where,
most people think of themselves first and don’t have a tools to cover the way another human
being is perceiving a situation or how another value and so it is a tool called a value prompter I
show up and a name after for your audience. Basically, it allows to create a communication GPS
to ensure that we are consistent and connection with another people perception about it.

Josh : (03:30 – 03:44) Okay, so if you are trying to sell something and your talking someone face
to face, is it about reading the personality profile or is it about uncovering what they concern,
how do you? How does it begin?
Chad : (03:45 – 06:28) Yeah, so ,so, if you look at let’s think about any business into, say you
have at least two employees, two other people involvement in business. Each of those individuals
have been tasks something maybe somebody has to increase operational efficiency process in the
business in the next 6 months. Maybe the other one needs to increase the number of leads or
generated of this quarter. Right? That time bound quantifiable target or number one thing is one
to focus on we call that a business issue. Everybody has one, it doesn’t matter if you’re selling
somebody, it doesn’t matter what you’re everybody has target typically has a time bound
quantifiable that they’re trying to resolve and in the human brain tasks naturally source of things
but problems, problems that keeps you achieving in that resolve in that issue. And so the
framework helps us identify that primary drivers that business issue and using open confirming
questions walks out on how we cover that person’s view of the problem, how we challenge their
thinking maybe how can combine with those so that they have completely problem said, what is
their view in their , hey this is what I need so find out what it is and then again we add elements
where we need each capabilities of set that we can provide we do that again by asking questions.
And then once we had a problem and a solution, I have a problem like my people don’t have
technology is a problem. What if I provide you a capability in single platform to unify all
operational efficiencies operational stuff. That’s’ kind of a pair right and the next question is how
do you quantify the impact that value to your business on how you qualified your platform and
then they’ll help you , you know “hey this is how I’m quantify”. What it means to me to a
business perspectives and a gain you can ask a some question that think trough it and then your
next step to ask, alright who else involves in making decision, who else impacted by this? We
called them POWER and so you walk down again through the open confirming and once got you
note down you start to talk. What are the plans? What are the steps you need to take not to get to
a contract signature, not to get to a implementation but to get to that point in the future where
you start to realize of the result and the value they’ve already articulated to convince you to buy
in the first place. So its not really a sales process as much as it is a communication and alignment

Josh : (06:29 – 06:53) Okay, so ,I’m making about that was here, so open for more questions, so
it is design for selling more like consulting services or services that going have define like “hey
I’m selling you a pack of gum, its gum, just buy its buying, its more or complex or difficult of
may down that.
Chad : (06:54 – 08:21) It works that do extremely shares very short even call center not call very
nice. Really short transactional 3-5 minutes you can use the framework , its also we have
customer more on complex multi-year enterprise deals and everything in between, it really its
about how do I cover or connect where I can bring into a table, whether that services, features
from my products, whether that a unique perspectives or skills that I an individual have. What
can I bring in this table and connect that solution set is uniquely it will providing to that problem
set and making sure that they aware on problems that may have that they haven’t thought

originally, that we know we can uniquely solve or address. And it doesn’t matter if we have
customer who used to sell paper cups to new and everything in between. You know tech
companies, officers, finances, services companies while managers draft designers, developers
who used to drive alignment across their organizations. So it really is how do have a true
authentic, human to human interaction in a consistent way that gets rid of the story telling or the
noise likely more efficient and more focus in whatever communication maybe.

Josh: (08:22 – 08:51) So, if you’re working for organization and a let’s it say a dental office coz
possible would understand those. Would they have to have a common set up of a procedure and
write down all different questions and all of different sequences of questions to actually build the
value of consistency across the board or do you teach the framework, you say “hey everybody
here are beliefs and here’s on how to questions and just do your own like.”
Chad: (08:52 – 10:14) So the beauty of value prompter is not a script , it drives authenticity,
right, it allows each of us to be the best version of ourselves and the key is consistency and
consistency is what sets apart. Consistency the most effective from those are consistency is their
ability to operate. In sales, the sales motion of a sales wrap consistency from small teams to big
teams. So the prompter is literally there so as you have our conversations, you kind a, think of it
as alike little apple map and there’s a little red dot so you know exactly where you’re here from
the other person and you can get them to go to what area of the framework you need to using
open program confirming questions . The questions that you come up with, in order to get those
boxes complete and filled out. So isn’t it prescription that we can tie up to, fills process you can
tie up to marketing process we tied up to QBR core business read out, executive aligns, leader
strategy session that process regard and tight to whatever is there we can better than any
technology you have this is really just on how we align the behaviors and language everybody is
in the same page.

Josh: (10:15- 11:06) Okay, I’m gonna ask you some personal questions (Laugh) , so this is a ,I’ll
be out there doing consulting using this methodology all over the world and so now I have a
team of people that are trying to get out there and trying to sell coach and sell company and help
entrepreneurs stock in the business ,get the business on the other head get the business right? So
, what will you advised to me, (laugh) take these people who are not trained and say also not
trained in marketing not trained in the ability to uncover these opportunities with the business
owners. How do I get them all in the framework or using your system so they can human to
human selling so that they can help more companies?

Chad: (11:07 – 14:32) Yeah, it’s about the practice so we whole thing of tack, we got on line.
We got thing that you do we got workshops that can do all kind of stuff. But it’s more that
everybody got involve and in on same page and language . So, that’s the first , that’s the first
thing I will say, if you got a people who are selling this, you got people done reviews, we’re
calling to your reviews and sometimes opportunities reviews were sound like I over exaggerate
like “hey these deal is gonna close. Okay but it’s gonna be a pipeline for 18 months. No, no its
gonna close. Why it’s gonna close? Coz you know what our kids play at the same soccer team

and we like the same coffee and you know we have a same great of report and it’s totally close
for the next 30 days and it goes on and on and on? Right? If you’re using the framework, if
you’re using the framework we take the value or qualified prospects formula. Just literally five
questions, do you have differentiated version match? Meaning you understand what their
business issue is. Their time bound quantifiable business. Do you understand what their view of
their problem in a way in achieving the result or do you understand their view of the solution is .
Those three components created a vision match. If were asking you a probing questions insert
additional problems that the person didn’t know they had but we know we can uniquely solve
and they confirm that yes into a problem and then they can deed the that they can provide we
resolve that problem? That’s what we call different vision match. We can provide, we can solve
problem that competition can.
The question in the interview is do you have differentiation in the vison match? The answer is
not about story, you may have it or you don’t? The next question is, the way VMD , time value
and the value is simply have you got person to confirm and articulate , quantify by the impact
that to the business and more importantly to themselves so business value and personal value
then it times power do you know who’s business involve, who will sign the contract and who
will be impacted right? Yes or No. You have or you don’t. And the last time that you have plan,
do you have mutually agreed upon in writing in email or in something, in writing you mutually
agreed upon some steps not to get the signature, not to get temptation but to get the value
realization which is the time, goes back time back quantify proportion business issues where
they’ll receive the value that convince to buy from the first place. So instead of if everybody is
using the same framework then with that QP formula we can do a deal review depending on the
size about 5 minutes and it’s really not what about you know, it’s about you don’t know because
what we want is to identify the weight it place on that value prompter in that formula so now I
know where I need to go, what I need to cover and a count plan and no more storytelling so,
significance increase in efficiency turns to deal review and how to cope somebody put it also it
drives consistency and at end of the day and after.

Josh : (14:33 – 14:43) So, you can easy identify, okay you done these things out of 6 things and
that’s what the deal close at coz it has some holes, right like we made a match.

Chad : (14:45 – 15:47) Yeah, and the hardest, biggest challenge that we see is super simple, so
simple, it almost mine like you can’t believe but to master it to overcome one of
………….(mumbling)…………..everybody wants to talk about themselves, everybody loves to
talk and I say one about problems but if we get to a point where we have a through dialogue
things about business impact to business, it doesn’t have to be a person, time bound, quantify in a
business just be you know, I used with my friends all the time, now they know what I’m doing
(Laughing). So they try to anticipate but the fact that matter we all moves so fast ,everybody
moves so fast, so much information coming in media that we need something that going to allow
us to be consistently version of ourselves in the way that interact with other human being and so
it creates trust, credibility, report, it’s a natural outcome of using this kind of framework.

Josh :– Yeah! I really Like it! You will send right?

Chad: Yeah, yeah I will send you.
Josh : Sounds like a pretty cool formula.
Chad : Maybe after.
Josh : (15:57 – 16:30) Yeah so then, let’s get to this concept how this formula while ago, how
was this formula change or there are some other mediums or technology ways to communicate or
makes this speeds faster and the interruptions are more and competition is higher. As formula
change it all or can I get somebody boxes fill in by social media and some of the boxes filled up
by research some of the boxes filled in email, some boxes are still face to face how do I built that
Chad : (16:31 – 17:51) Yeah, ah great question! So, it hasn’t changed, from 20 -23 years ago,
and the beauty of it is more applicable today because of the digital landscapes and move. I mean
it was powerful back in a day, it made a lot of careers, it made a lot of people money applying it ,
but today is even more will it because its multichannel. Were on a video now, were on a digital
interaction. Email, maybe you and I sent link and messages back forth, response something on
twitter or I hit the facebook. I can collect the informations or I need to ask those questions to
multiple channels, but the framework is the one place to collect in very consistent way. And then
the plan, the plan portion of it, become a plan of learning engagement putted in most part and it
captures everything in one unified place and become essentially a map in engagement to move
forward and again focusing on value realization and the date & time that they can realize if we
can get all of that no matter what channel, we get it through the prompters, the bio prompters. Its
not gonna change, it doesn’t matter on how we collec the info. But it will allow us to drive more
consisting questions any of the channel proposal.

Josh: (17:52 – 18:04) Oh, okay, that’s cool! So, If you have a prospect who really enjoys talking
here in email rather than a phone call. You gotta route just…

Chad: (18:05 – 19:56) Completely. Yeah, it completely depends on what you’re business set-up.
If you do more large scale enterprise business face to face or video or conversation like this, you
can get some of it, you know your not gonna get all information in exchange typically unless its
transactional on sale. You can get through it, you can get through the questions really fast, I
mean it’s not difficult or conversion framework to use which quite honestly is what I actually use
it back at a day. Because the challenge about most people is nobody wants to crap the
paperwork. Everybody wants overhead. Nobody wants. Nobody woke up in the morning said,
oh, I wanna do an admin work today, that no one tell ever. So its especially in sales, my job is
sale having gone through being an individual contributor for other company than running my
own team, And now being 100% commission sales right? I have to sell it and back to being an
individual contributor on my own business. I need that something that knocks along the way. But
I need something that going to keep me from missing the obvious, I say a lot of times in class, its
going to sound very common sense. But the first time I ask you to have conversation, your heads

gonna hurt. Because I’m asking you to slow down to speed up. I’m asking you to be more
consciously confident know where you are inside the framework and if you can map and you can
use it conversational GPS then it will drive risk out of interaction and that’s what we want.
Minimize the risk to what mutually agreed on plan to get to the point of that realization.

Josh : (19:57 – 20:09) So, for the small business owners do the majority of selling now, is the
goal framework bound other people in the company or is the owner how to become an expert
atleast themselves .
Chad : (20:10 -21:01) It’s a journey right? First and foremost ,there’s not , there’s isn’t , I’ve
been years in seventeen and eighteen years, I’am fairly good at I wasn’t but there’s always more
to learn and its not necessarily about the framework, so how you interact with the framework, so
the business owners choose to use it as a way to communicate a consistently task to ask the staff
find out how they are getting things done and communicate with why things are happen. Here’s
the problem that we need to solve, what the idea solution look like, just you know, so here’s the
impact to the business that you gonna do and to yourself because impact on your potentially
career here’s I wanna get you involve on the steps you wanna takes in so a drive of consistency
of communication throughout an organization, I think any level of business can benefit from.
Josh : (21:02 – 21:53) So, what about any work like company , tech companies, what about
companies that are they are selling service of companies and they have you know some kind of
leave magnet, advertisement that someone through information or information of content where
leads to then build report, where stand to live in order form, buy now, buy now, expiring, as a
whole funnel built out , there’s no human to human anything. Can you actually take your model
and say “hey! Are we gonna answer this question using our digital selling and not include any
actual person to person selling is it work?

Chad: (21:54 – 23:53) Yes! Yes And I can actually does that, we trained marketing a lot , we can
use a value content creation guide. Let’s say. So, if I’m a top of a funnel, you think the part of
human brain solves problem , alright I think now what do I want from the solution? Now, that
what we got into a point , there are already through this process that hey I have this major issue ,
these are the problems that I need to solve and here’s the solutions. And then once figure out
right, here’s the , is it worth it, should I pay the money for this, should it help the business? Me
individually and if it’s small business or you got your own family business, do I need to talk my
wife or put a sugar or d I need who else are involve to get the power area and more on the plan to
get steps in done, so if that’s the funnel right? You wanna get them , you wanna get , you need to
take care of, sometimes bound quantifiable things that we know as business they’re going to face
so our content focus on that level of awareness. Then as you move focusing on the problem for
process and technology issues and have they may expere self-educate solution or elements that
probably aware of and oh by the way, consistently just like you to generate this type of you know
getting involve and hey here what steps look like marketing funnel around that approach and .it
meres a value prompter and so.

Josh: (23:54 – 24:12) That’s very cool! I’m looking forward to see that video to see, don’t want
some major holes, I got to imagine how you go to big companies and go there and like the reason
why coz you’re the missing this piece you got.
Chad: (24:13 – 24:46) Sure! A lot of people , service whether a product and you walk with an
engagement and you say “hey! I can do this” you just put deal with somebody so you got the
deal just really small, and the value of ability is small coz they not gonna share a problem outside
a blinder and if you can identify more problems that you can actually addressed or impact the
value you can create can be higher to negotiate and takes a completely difference . A different
Josh : (24:47 – 25:00) Very cool! Well the time really so fast Chad. Let me give you some few
other one thing I didn’t asked you should have asked you that you think that would be important
for our audience to hear .
Chad: (25:01 – 25:09) Ah, you know, you asked a lot of questions. I would say probably the
only thing that you didn’t ask , was who’s my Barbaras is ?
Josh : (25:11 – 25:14) Yeah, so I’m gonna ask you offline.
Chad: (25:15 – 25:46) Yeah, I mean, its you know, I think the applicable ability what is this is a
core part of it , paper cups but it can be individually use it?
It can be enterprising using about being the best version of ourselves , point is got to think we got
through a lot , if you have a tool that allows you to be the best version of yourself without
changing who you are that’s the powerful way to be consistent of all you interaction.
Josh : (25:47 – 25:57) Cool! Very good. About you and more about value selling and associates.
Chad: (25:58 – 26:15) The easiest way is to hit me on Linkedin. That’s a
@IAMFORD/CHADSANDERSON, you can’t missed me with big bald head. You can also
shoot me an email to [email protected] and I will be step futher coz actually I’m
on my phone so give me a call 03-834-5932.

Josh: (26:16 – 26:17) Wow! Dangerous! Okay.
Chad : (Laughing)
Josh : (26:19 - It’s learning from a PRO, buy and sell just give on a point. Thanks for sharing
your number so I’m gonna hold of you.
And again everybody’s watching the podcast. Thanks for joining in. Stay tuned next week. Share
you want to improve your life, business or you can make work and before you leave you wanna
copy the behind me WORKSYSTEMS on the wall, on the bookshelves, you gotta you gotta download for free or you gotta copy of mail to you . One copy a
week, just leave a review and send a picture of that review or either with you to
[email protected] and draw if you are the lucky winner and a copy of the book you’re
away, otherwise enjoy your week stay tuned next week and again thanks Chad!


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