The Certified Business Systems Manager Program

Want to Run Your Business Like Clockwork without Lifting a Finger? Here’s Your Secret Weapon

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Stop Fighting Fires and Put Proactive Growth First to Amplify Results in Every Area of Your Enterprise

Dear fellow CEO,

There are two types of small business owners in the world.
The first is the self-employed type.
Wearing nine different hats at once, self-employed entrepreneurs often feel torn in many directions and confined by a focus group of one.
On-call 24/7, they can’t escape a constant barrage of urgent texts, assaulting them at all hours of the day and night. In a constant trap of reactionary behavior, these kinds of business people find themselves forever in the cycle of stopping to put out fires.
This method of working is relentless, thankless, and tiresome. You’ll miss your kids’ soccer games, trade family vacations for business trips, and suffer from continual interruptions in your personal life.
While families are often understanding at the outset, your failure to get traction will leak into your home life. It won’t just be the phone beeping during dinner that you’ll worry about; your family will become disengaged as you drift to work-mode full time.
With burnout forever on the horizon, eventually, you’ll crash, and your business will follow suit.
The look, taste, and feel of work has become the enemy. Rather than standing as the driving force that propels your business forward to success, you feel bogged down in a murky swamp of endless crises and tense family dynamics.

Having coached over 700 businesses first-hand, I don’t know what’s sadder: How common this story is or how little help there is to change the narrative.
Looking at the successful entrepreneur, we come to the second type of visionary. The business owners, unlike the self-employed folks, understand their role in the wider system.
Rather than owning every job in a company like the self-employed entrepreneurs, business owner types own the business and strategize delegation of the tasks.
Robert Kiyosaki really sinks his teeth into the difference between the two, putting it this way:
“Business owners can go on a vacation forever because they own a system, not a job. If they’re on vacation, the money still comes in.”
Not only does the money still come in when they’re on vacation but their business still operates well without their constant involvement and micro-management. After all, isn’t it these perpetual small tasks that eat away at your time.
Instead of the overwhelming bombardment of texts, emails, and calls, business owners train resilient, dynamic teams that fulfill their roles and use their initiatives to solve problems effectively.
Rather than constantly putting out fires, business owners allocate the right person to the job, systemizing problem-solving to streamline operational execution.
You won’t see a business owner tossing and turning at night, or up late furiously typing away. Knowing that time is their greatest asset, business owners own their time and manage their business to function around a balanced home-life and happy relationships.
And this, my friend, is what true freedom looks like. It’s not just about having financial freedom.

It’s also about having time freedom.
Imagine that … never missing a baseball game again, never skipping a date night again—truly owning your own time.
But how would you even begin to get there? With what seems to be an insurmountable volume of tasks ahead of you, the idea of popping out for lunch seems impossible—let alone, complete-time freedom.
But what if it wasn’t as difficult as you imagined?
What if your business only required a very small fraction of your time and energy each week? What if you could cut your hours in half and still see your business grow over the next 12 months? Imagine what your life would be like then!
What if you could achieve this, not with a miracle, but with a tweak: A structured, proven system that grows your business while giving you hands-off headspace to become the innovative business owner you can be, without persistently solving errors hands on.
Well, in order for that to happen, you have to “train your replacement.”
Train your replacement? Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive?
No. You need a right-hand person who excels at identifying, developing, and managing the systems in your business.
You need someone who can take on your ideas, embody them in your style and voice, and execute them flawlessly.
Does such a person exist? What would this role even look like? What if you’ve had this asset under your nose the whole time?
Here at Work The System, we call that person a Business Systems Manager …

What Is a Business Systems Manager?

The role of the Business Systems Manager (BSM)—when done right—is to identify, develop, and manage the systems in your organization so that it runs like a well-oiled machine. With a BSM in control, you transition away from the unbalanced self-employed entrepreneur, instead, thriving as a truly successful business owner. 

These Systems Include:













But What Does A Business Systems Manager Do?

In short, they are the systems expert in the organization. 

Qualified to do the heavy lifting when it comes to systems, a BSM will analyze, design, and execute streamlined systems within your business. 

By doing this, your BSM injects life into your business, jumpstarting growth by automating, accelerating, and enhancing each element of your business systems.

By the time they’ve finished, your business will resemble a smooth-working grandfather clock; gently ticking over, propelled by its own motion.

When it comes to sourcing your BSM, you’ll be surprised who may fit the bill already.

Depending on your business, the BSM role may be played by the COO, manager, general manager, executive assistant, integrator, or second-in-command … The title is not important. 

But the role is critical.

Having witnessed this process hundreds of times over, it’s clear what happens when enterprises fail to deploy a BSM. Business owners combust under the pressure of spiraling problems that require more and more energy for fewer and fewer results.

Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t have an obvious candidate. Your new BSM is just around the corner. You simply have to grow someone into this role.

That’s where the certified BSM® Program comes in.

Who Would (and Would Not) Benefit from Becoming Certified?

The certified BSM  Program is for individuals who are serious about systemizing their organization. 

If you’re a business owner or CEO who wants to set up your second-in-command for success, give them world-class training on how to properly systemize your business, then this is the program for you.

And if you’re a dynamic visionary looking to capitalize on the law of compounding and the power of the systems mindset, this is definitely the program for you.


How many unfinished projects do you have right now?

How many big ideas have you yet to execute?

How much more money are you willing to pour away on ideas that crash and burn?


BSM designs the architecture to seamlessly channel your ideas through to execution. Crafting a robust map of working procedures, your BSM facilitates and accelerates project implementation, while measuring and monitoring feedback to improve your business systems as you grow.

Taking the menial tasks off your plate, your BSM filters your workload and delegates these tasks through consolidated operational processes to ensure each step is accounted for.

Imagine the impact you could have if most of your time was dedicated to conceptualizing the future of your business, rather than correcting errors from the past. That’s how a BSM improves your whole life.


Richard Branson has over 30,000 employees. He doesn’t manage every single one of these people. Imagine how overrun his time would be!

Instead, he has hired great general managers to run those businesses. 

Branson is not involved in the day-to-day operations of those businesses. Instead, he has accountable personnel in those roles who can take his ideas and realize them. 


If it can work for him,
it will work for you.

Who Would (and Would Not) Benefit from Becoming Certified?

Ask yourself these 5 questions:

What Is the Certified Business Systems Manager Program?

The certified BSM® Program is for business leaders who are drowning without rock-solid business systems.

This cutting-edge course offers the secret roadmap to finally building a thriving business.

Not only will program graduates gain the skills to grow business systems managers, each graduate will receive an official diploma to boost professional credibility. 

Graduates will also benefit from:


How Is This Different Than Other Programs

Well, most importantly, it’s a lot simpler than most other programs out there. 

The cBSM Program is powered by a small-business mindset. We’ll train your cBSM with this scalable methodology as the backbone of their growth.

Perfected by helping hundreds of other small business owners scale their operations, this program facilitates easy, pragmatic, and effective uplift in your business.

Going beyond the theoretical, this “boots on the ground” training is geared toward real-world action to prepare your cBSM for the hard graft in the field.

And yes, there are other programs and courses out there that teach you how to outsource, delegate, and work with assistants. 

However, these programs only focus on training YOU to manage your business—not a second-in-command.

Those courses are great if you want to continue answering the phone forever. If you want to free yourself from the shackles of email interruptions and tedious meetings, you need a course that trains your right-hand person.

Equally, unlike these lower quality courses built on snappy phrases and thin air, the certified BSM  Program is built on tried and tested systems, blueprints, checklists and processes that we’ve used over and over with outstanding results.

So ask yourself this … would you rather do 20 hours of training to leave with a few shoddy tips on personal time management or would you like to transform your life and business with a cBSM?

How You Will Benefit from the Certified BSM Program

Enjoy Real Freedom

Picture your typical day now. Drowned in admin tasks and overwhelmed with fire fighting, you can only dream of freedom from the trenches of your business. However, imagine waking up each morning, enthused to put pen to paper, knowing your ideas will flourish to execution without you needing to do every little thing. Now picture taking a three-week-long vacation and not even batting an eyelid. With a cBSM, you can trust that every aspect of your enterprise is taken care of while you take a hands-off approach to become the business leader you always imagined you could be.

Grow Your Business

There’s a direct correlation between your company’s profit and how finely-tuned your systems are. A certified BSM is responsible and accountable for overseeing your systems to improve your company’s bottom line. Imagine a sales system that generates predictable revenue every quarter; a marketing system that produces a steady stream of new leads; and a hiring system that leverages new talent perfectly. With a BSM, you can guarantee these systems are working in harmony to expand and enhance every facet of your business.

Eliminate Business Stress

Stress is a killer. Don’t let it eat away at your quality of life. With a BSM taking charge of your systems, you can enjoy automated profits, more time off, flexible scheduling, and less work pressure. If you’ve been operating at full speed for the last few years, your BSM can help to relax your pace of life, to return peace, joy, and stability to your life. With another set of hands to help organize and coordinate the load, you can better manage your time to prioritize the things in life that count the most.

What's Included

17 Detailed and Actionable Training Modules ($5,000 Value)
Certified BSM Program course participants have full access to 17 detailed and actionable training modules.
The extensive content is provided in video format for self-paced learning. You can easily track your employee’s progress as they complete each module.
Online training can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7.

The Certified BSM Certification Diploma ($1,000 Value)
Following the cBSM training, course participants qualify to take the certified BSM exam.
This exam contains 30 questions.
Successful examinees will receive a physical and digital copy of their cBSM diploma. Plus, all course graduates are licensed to add the certified BSM® Badge to their professional online profiles.

Annual Event in Scottsdale, AZ ($397 Value)
All certified BSMs will be invited to an exclusive, one-day event in Scottsdale, AZ, hosted by Work The System. There will be world-class training from Josh Fonger accompanied by WTS partners, all talking about how to systemize your organization.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls ($1,000 Value)
Perhaps the most valuable benefit for certified BSMs is the monthly one-on-one coaching calls with an experienced Business Systems Professional.
On these 60-minute calls, BSMs will work with an experienced systems expert to personalize tailored system solutions to overcome the specific challenges your company faces during the systemization process.

Monthly One-on-One Coaching Calls ($1,500 Value)
All cBSMs will also get exclusive access to monthly cBSM alumni group training calls led by an experienced Business Systems Professional.
Enjoy curated discussions on poignant topics from diverse business leaders, dynamic mentors, and like-minded individuals.

Licensed Training Materials ($5,000 Value)
All participants will also get an exclusive license and access to the private Work The System Resource Library.
Stacked full of high-powered systems resources, cBSMs can benefit from reams of checklists, articles, how-tos, guides, videos, and more.
With access to our learning library, cBSMs can use this licensed resource to grow and tweak systems for the future of the business.

Summary of What You'll Get...


Choose Your Desired Payment Terms:

For enterprise-level solutions, please [email protected] to arrange to speak with an enrollment specialist.



When can I expect results?


Fast trackers can complete this program in 30 days or less. Once systems are implemented, you can expect to see a noticeable change to both your efficiency and profit within one to two months. Within six months, you should be able to take three weeks’ vacation without any major disruption to your business.


 How long does it take to complete the training? 


The program is self-paced and can be completed in less than 30 days. There are milestones along the way to track your progress. We recommend you complete the program within two months to ensure the highest return, while reducing the risk for your organization.


What size company is this program a good fit for? 


Any size company can participate in this program. Large organizations may certify several individuals similar to a Train-the-Trainer model. For an enterprise level solution, please email [email protected] to set up a meeting with an enrollment specialist.


Can I just pay to go to the live event in AZ even if I don’t get certified? 


No. The annual event is intended to create a culture of learning, development, and networking with other participants of the systems-thinking community.


How long will I have access to the material? 


This will depend on your implementation plan. For a Train-the-Trainer strategy, we provide a complete set of materials with associated facilitator guides and licenses to use for training others in the same organization. For ongoing access after six months there is a nominal fee of $97 a month to retain the license for the materials.

If you’re ready to take your time back into your hands, take the leap to enhance your life with a cBSM.

Enroll now to start training immediately!

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