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FOURTH EDITION (published Feb. 9, 2021)

To Get Your Free Copy Now!

FOURTH EDITION (published Feb. 9, 2021)

120-Day Transformational Group Coaching


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“ We help owners of small to medium sized businesses,  break loose; to finally eliminate organizational inefficiency so growth can happen, profits can increase and  personal freedom can be found ”

-Sam Carpenter

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The Work the System methodology is about making your world hyper-efficient by applying simple and logical mechanical adjustments in how you operate throughout the day.

"My life has become so much simpler and enjoyable"

Nicolas Bell 
Nick Bell Translations

"You absolutely must read this book..."

Susan L. Solovic
The Small Business Expert 

"Mandatory reading. Work the System liberates"

Perry Marshall

"My life has become so much simpler and enjoyable"

Josh Kaufman

"Simple and powerful essential reading for the CEO"

Vishen Lakhian

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Check our our 120-Day Transformational Group Coaching program where you build a self-managing company.

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We will literally extract what is in you and your team's brains and document it into procedures to run your business.

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Winning Your Week

In this episode Demir Bentley — CEO of Life Hack Method — Explains how to arrange your week to be as productive as possible.
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